Trapped - Recap

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The episode begins with a very popular pop star walking out of his show and is about to get in to his car; but he stops to wave to the raging fan crowd that has gathered to see him. Just then he is shot at, but his security guard pulls him into the car. At the warehouse, JT tells Vincent that Cat is obsessed with him. He thinks that if Cat is the trigger of his blackouts, then they should call her over so that he can evaluate better. But Vincent refuses to risk Cat. JT then tells him that he will sedate him with sedatives and some other drugs which will take Vincent into the fugue state again and maybe they can find something.

Tess arrives and updates Cat with their new case; an attempted murder on the famous Jake Riley and Riley is there with his manager Chris Miller. Cat asks Miller of Riley had any enemies. Riley goes out to take a call and Miller shows them some hate mails that he doesn’t want Riley to see. Since this is a high profile case, the Chief has ordered one of them to stay with Riley all the time. Riley wants Tess to be with him. evan is checking some samples and Cat arrives. He tells her that he went back to the tunnel and found some bullets. The kidnapping and then the vigilante and then Cat arriving and denying that she saw any “thing” is all so not sinking in. she tells him to let go of this. She then wants him to run the DNA from the fan mails through codis and juvi records.

He agrees. At the warehouse, JT injects the first dose of drugs and Vincent goes back into the flashback where he was in Afghanistan when he was injected with the DNA altering drugs. Cat’s mother was the doctor! Vincent is surprised that he had such clear vision of what happened. All this while, after he was turned into a super soldier, he barely remembers anything of his soldier life. JT thinks that that is impossible to suppress and he feels that Muirfield tried to suppress his memories. JT thinks that Vincent should tell Cat about her mother. Vincent says that it will be bad if she learns that her mother was responsible for turning soldiers into monsters. JT tells him that he can’t protect her forever and so he needs to tell her as she would want to know the truth. Riley is irritating Tess and she is almost losing it; literally.

Cat arrives and tells her that Riley was in some sort of a twitter war. She gets a message from JT and she leaves. Tess takes Riley for his basketball practice. At the warehouse, Vincent tells Cat the truth about her mother but Cat is not surprised. She then tells him that the Muirfield agent had showed her a picture of her mother with the other agents. Vincent and JT are upset that she did not tell them and that she is still keeping secrets from them. Vincent walks back into his cage and this time he tells JT to inject heavier dose so that he can be in the fugue state for longer time. In the fugue state, he sees that one of the soldiers, Laffery, is reacting very violently after the “vitamin” dose and Cat’s mom arrives and injects her with something else and take her away. Vincent is curious about what has been injected.

She tries to explain to him that everyone would react differently to the dose. Also, that they weren’t told about the side effects as they weren’t expecting any. She tells him that she is doing this so that they can win this war and go back home and live a healthy life. Vincent is back now and he tells them that Cat is not the trigger for the blackout; he learned that these are random side effects of the experiment. Vincent is glad that they don’t have to stay away from each other and he also tells her that her mother was trying to stop these side effects. Cat decides that she needs to put an end to it. As her mother was trying to fix this problem, she would have had some material on the solution. She needs to find it.

Cat then goes to her father’s house and learns that her father knew about his mother’s secrets and that he was trying to protect Cat by not telling her that he knew. He then gives her the keys to the storage room. She goes to the room and pulls out some files from one of the boxes. At the precinct, Tess interrogates”little tap that” who is in a twitter war with Riley. He tells her that it is all their managers’ doings and that they could sell the artists’ soul for their tabloid craze. He says that he has no problem with Riley. They also find that Miller has made two large withdrawals from his account. This is enough to get a warrant. Cat goes through her mother’s stuff and finds the olive diary that her mom made all the notes in.

Vincent is on a video con with her and he tells her to replicate the readings in that diary, he needs better equipment that will be found in the police forensic lab. Cat then arranges for JT to sneak into Evan’s room and make the serum as she asks Evan to accompany her to Miller’s office; Tess is babysitting and she would be happy to have a partner. They go to Miller’s office, they find a pen drive in which they find that Miller is writing a best seller and the last chapter is still not written. But the title speaks volumes; the death of Jake Riley. JT finishes making the serum. Riley wants to see a dead body and Tess takes him to the morgue. JT wears a lab coat and pretends to be one of the doctors. He quickly leaves and Tess does find this suspicious.

But there is Riley to deal with!! So she shows him the dead body and Riley throws up. JT reaches the warehouse and sees that the rods of the cage that Vincent was in are bent apart and Vincent is nowhere to be seen. Cat and Tess tell Riley about Miller. So looks like he staged the shooting and maybe expected Riley to die in it. Riley is upset. Vincent has turned and he attacks JT. At the same time, he is reliving the moment in Afghanistan, where the Chief of the army tells Cat’s mom that they need to kill all the soldiers as they are tearing the place apart; they have turned into monsters. She tells the Chief that the world will know about this one day. The Chief then pulls his gun on her and Vincent attacks him. But in the present, it is JT who is under attack. Cat arrives and calms him down. He then takes the serum and injects himself as he doesn’t want to wait.

Next, Cat and Tess manage to expose Miller in front of Riley. Cat takes Riley for an appearance and Miller tips off the shooter that Riley is going out. The shooter arrives and Tess and Cat arrest him. They then place Miller under arrest. And the man, who Miller thought was Riley, was a cop wearing a hood. Case Closed. Next, Cat’s father arrives to meet her. He tells her that her mother would be really proud of what Cat has become and she has also got her heart. Cat goes to visit her mother’s grave and has a heart to heart with her.

Vincent is there and he heard a “bit” of it; this means that the serum is working. He tells her that her mom was a great woman and that she really cared about them. He tells her that now that Cat knows the truth, she needs to ease up on her past. The episode ends.