Seeing Red - Recap

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The episode begins with Vincent carrying a wounded Cat in his arms and he sees Evan and Heather approaching in their car. Vincent puts Cat on the road and walks away before Evan could spot him. Evan sees that Cat is barely breathing and that he needs to perform a quick surgery as she would not be able to make it to the hospital. He stabilizes Cat and then asks Heather to call 911 for an ambulance which could take them to NY General Hospital. At the hospital, the nurse tells Cat that she did great in the surgery and that a good doctor saved her life. Cat smiles as she thinks it was Vincent. The nurse is paged and she leaves.

Vincent arrives and Cat thanks him for saving her life. He tells her that it was Evan who saved her life. He could not be of any help and that all he could do was, watch her slip away. But she tells him that if he wouldn’t have gotten her out of the ca, she would have been dead. She tells him that accepts him the way he is; even if his cells are changing. Cat gets a message from Evan saying that he is coming and Vincent gets up to leave. He tells her that Evan might have seen him at the accident spot. Vincent leaves. He is getting down the stairs and a voice calls out his name. He is shocked. It is the same nurse who was checking on Cat. Vincent quickly hides. Evan arrives to meet Cat and Cat thanks him for saving her life.

She then tries to check whether Evan saw Vincent and she tells him that it was intelligent of him to pull her out of the car. But Evan tells her that he did not pull her out of the car; he remembers seeing Vincent but he decides not to mention it. He says that he thinks she must have crawled out. Just then the nurse comes into Gat’s room and Evan leaves. The nurse is teary eyed and she asks Cat if she knows something about the doctor who came to check on her. Cat tells her that there was a doctor who came to check her charts; but she doesn’t know him. The nurse tells her that he was someone she knew; Vincent Keller. Vincent arrives at the warehouse where JT is still doing some research on mutation. Vincent tells him that he saw Alex at the hospital. She saw him and she called out to him. He says that he ran; just like he had ten years ago.

JT tells him to stop feeling bad for himself as Vincent had some damn good reason not to get in touch with her. Vincent knows that. JT tells him that he is going t o meet Sara and, ask her some questions about mutation. Vincent gets a message from Cat saying that he should not come back to the hospital as it is not safe. But later, we see that Vincent arrives at the hospital and he tells Cat that Alex and he were childhood friends and later they became very close. Cat now knows why Alex was so upset when she thought she saw Vincent. Next, Vincent goes to meet Alex and she is shocked to see him. He tells her that he did not come to meet her because his enemies were keeping a watch on him and he did not want her to be in any trouble.

He says that those guys are really dangerous. But Alex says that she did put mud on his casket. He tells her that faking his death was the only way out. He did not come to meet her as he did not want her to get dragged in crossfire. He says that it was always easier to thinks that she had moved on and had a family. She says that she did want to have a family; but with him. Tess arrives with a stuffed bear and some balloons. She then tells Tess that she did stay at the precinct with Joe and they had few drinks and things got a little weird between them; not naked weird though. Tess says that she doesn’t want to be the sloppy second woman in his life. The second woman never knows where she stands. Tess then sees that Cat is doing some face book research on Alex.

Cat tells her that Alex is her nurse and she is generally doing some digging. Tess accesses that NYPD data and sees that Alex had filed six complaints saying that she is being watched by some faceless person and that her phone and emails are being tapped into. Cat pretends that she is tired and so Tess leaves, letting her rest. Cat then calls JT to tell him about the complaints that Alex filed. JT tells her that he thinks that Vincent is with Alex at the moment. Cat is tensed and she pulls out the needles from her hand and gets off the bed. Alex returns home and a man grabs her and puts a knife to her neck and tells her that he has seen her with her old boyfriend. Cat arrives and fires a shot. He runs. Alex tells Cat that she knows that she is Vincent’s handler. Cat asks him about the guy. Alex has never seen him.

Alex tells her that there was a break in but nothing was taken; but the intruder did go through her closet. Cat too goes through Alex’s closet and she finds letters and pictures of Vincent and Alex together. She quickly pockets Vincent’s picture. Vincent arrives and it is an awkward moment. Cat then leaves. She arrives to meet Evan. She wants to know how he managed to do a roadside surgery; but he says that they will discuss that later. She then asks him about the hair that she had asked him to run a test on. It was collected as evidence from Alex’s place right after the break in. He wonders why Cat is interested in an old case. Anyways, he tells her that it belonged to an ex-con by the name of Connor. Alex knows this guy; he believed that he was I love with her and wanted her to marry him.

But she told him that her heart belonged to someone else. Alex then tells them to use her as bait to draw him out. She then sends an email to her friend saying that she is leaving town for good with her boyfriend. At the hospital, Vincent and Cat are waiting. Connor arrives and sets off a small blast to create commotion. He then takes Alex and takes the stairs to get away. Vincent and Cat go different ways to search for Alex. Vincent is turning. Cat finds Connor and is about to shoot him; but she is in bad shape and Connor gets the better off her. Vincent, who is now fully turned, follows Connor. Vincent is having trouble with the roof lights. Connor locks up Alex and is ready to fight with Vincent.

He tries to shoot at Vincent but ends up shooting at the electric box and the lights go out. Now, that turns out to be great for Vincent as he can now clearly see in the dark. Vincent kills Connor and frees Alex. She kisses him. Cat arrives and sees them together. Vincent tells JT about the night visions and JT seems very excited 0on hearing that. Later, when JT is in the university, Evan pays him a visit. JT is shocked to see him. Evan tells him that he knows that JT wrote a book on cross species DNA and how to reverse the effects. Jt is totally uncomfortable.

He says that it was nothing. But Evan tells him that there is proof with him that a cross species does exist and he has proof. Evan needs JT’s help in this groundbreaking theory. Next, Vincent arrives to meet Cat. He wants them to move forward. She asks him whether he still has feelings for Alex. He does not have an answer. She tells him that Alex loves him; and he needs to find out if he still loves Alex. The episode ends.