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Cold Turkey - Recap

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The episode begins with Tess, Cat and Heather at a bar. They are discussing Vincent and Cat tells them that Vincent is sweet but he has some PTSD problems. The girl that he chose to be with does not even know about his “real” issues. Tess tells her that Cat should tell the girlfriend the guy’s issues. But Cat doesn’t want to do that. She tells them that she is moving on! Alex arrives at Cat’s place. She wants Cat’s permission to take Vincent away for the weekend. She wants to take Vincent to her parent’s cabin upstate. Cat is upset but she obviously doesn’t show it. Alex came to her for permission because she knows that Cat is Vincent’s handler. But Alex still doesn’t know the whole truth about Vincent.

Cat is out for her jog in the morning and Vincent joins her. Cat is mad at him. She doesn’t like the idea of him going with Alex because he could lose control and turn and this could freak Alex out. She could call the cops. Cat arrives at work and Tess asks her to focus on the new cases. One amongst them is a New York General where narcotics departments is about to investigate Alex for stealing supplies from the hospital. Cat wants to be on that one. She excuses herself for a moment. She tries calling Vincent but he doesn’t answer his phone. She then calls JT and tells him about the raid. He tells her that they left for the cabin. JT tells Cat about Evan’s new research on Vincent that he is about to submit in 12 hours.

Cat has no options but to clear Alex’s place and wipe off all evidence that could lead the cops to Vincent. Tess and the team arrive at the apartment and Tess tells Cat that there is lingerie found in the apartment. Looks like Alex has a boyfriend and that they need to find him so that they could get to the stash! Cat finds a bug in Alex’s place. She realizes that Muirfield is back and has bugged Alex’s place to get to Vincent. She takes it to JT. This is bad news because Muirfield could get to them at the cabin. JT asks Cat to go up there and warn them and he will stay back to stop Evan from presenting Evan’s DNA details at the meeting. Cat drives up to the cabin. Alex and Vincent are having dinner and Vincent tries to tell her about his actual problems.

But he doesn’t explicitly state them. Alex still under the illusion that it is about some secret operation, says that she is in on anything and everything. She wants to go away to Mexico or half way around the world where they could start a new life together and help the needy. Just then Vincent senses something and opens the door. There is a man standing outside who tells them that his vehicle broke down. Vincent goes with him. JT goes to meet Evan and tells him not to present his research because there is a secret organization behind the same work and maybe the cross species is their doing and now they are trying to cover up. Evan does not buy this and he thinks that JT is the one who is hindering his work so that JT could get credit.

JT tells him that he has some real trust issues and leaves. Cat arrives at the cabin. Alex asks her what is going on between her and Vincent. Cat tells her about the listening device found in her house. She tells her that the people are tracking Vincent and Vincent is trying to protect her in ways that she cannot imagine. Alex is shocked and she tells her that Vincent has gone to help a guy who needed help with his truck. Cat tells Alex that this could be a trap. She hands over her gun to Alex and leaves. Vincent stops the car in the middle of the road and asks the guy how many people were there. The guy fumbles. Vincent uses a tight grip on his neck and the guy ends up telling him that there were three men and he was given $1000 to get Vincent to the truck.

Vincent leaves the guy there and drives away and tells him to stay as far away as he can. JT is still trying to dissuade Evan from making the presentation. He brings up the real reason why Evan left medicine and chose this field. He knows that one patient died on his OT and there was a suit filed. Evan was cleared legally, but he could not deal with it and so he changed his stream as well. Evan is pissed and dissolves the partnership. Cat arrives at the woods to find Vincent. But he finds her intead. She tells him about the bug. She again brings up his turning into a beast and he trying to hide that from Alex. Vincent is tired of hearing this from her every time. He then tells Cat that he told Alex that he was a part of an experiment and Cat tells him that Alex thinks he has PTSD.

Just then they hear some noise. There are three people and they start firing at them. A gun fight ensues. They then throw a grenade in their direction and Cat passes out for a moment. When she wakes up she finds that Vincent has turned. He rips those three men apart. Cat tells him that she did not want him to hide from Muirfield and Alex. Just then Vincent senses a presence; it is Alex. She saw everything and draws gun at Vincent. Cat talks her in to lowering the weapon and she leaves to wait by the car. Vincent tells Alex that this is the experiment he was talking about and this is the reason he stayed away for all these years. But he still wants to start a new life. But Alex says that she can't. He was living in a fantasy after all.

Alex leaves. Cat arrives home and Heather tells her that Tess has been calling because some guy blew her off. Cat and Heather decide to go to the bar for Tess. JT tells Vincent the truth that the narcotics department had found out about Alex’s thefts, and was investigating her, but Cat wiped away all prints. Vincent leaves. JT gets a call from Evan. Evan tells him that he found a bug in his office. Well, JT had planted it there to scare Evan, so that he would not present his research. It worked! Evan has decided not to go ahead with the presentation. He also wants JT to be silent about his past because he does not want anyone to know about it. JT agrees.

Vincent arrives and tells Cat that he was wrong. He tells her that Alex did not accept him the way he was. Cat tells him that she does not want to be his second choice. He tells her that she was never his second choice. He only wanted to go away with Alex so that he could get a new life and pursue practicing medicine. He tells her that he is not going anywhere and he will do anything to make things right between them. Later, Cat, Heather and Tess are at the bar and they are singing karaoke. The episode ends.

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