Trust No One - Recap

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The episode begins with the phone ringing and Alex wakes up and answers the call. She looks terrified. But she is relieved to hear Cat’s voice. Cat gives her directions to a place where she should meet her. Alex arrives and Cat tells her that she tracked her down easily because she used her credit card at a hotel in the morning. She tells her that Muirfield is everywhere and they are hunting Vincent. And now since they know about her connection with Vincent, they will be looking for her as well. Cat hands over a burner phone and some cash to Alex. She takes away Alex’s credit cards. She tells Alex that she needs to be really careful.

Next, it is Valentine’s Day and Heather is all excited. She doesn’t have a boyfriend; but she is hopeful that she would find her Mr. Perfect by the end of the day. Vincent leaves a note for Cat asking her to meet him on the roof. Cat tells him that she gave Alex some money and tips to remain safe. Vincent thanks her and also wants to know if she would like to meet him later at night. Cat is surprised and tells him that he turned away from her the moment he saw Alex. He tells her that it was never about Alex. It was about him living in some fantasy land of living a normal life. He says that his feelings for her never changed. Cat doesn’t look too convinced. Next, Alex meets her journalist friend and tells him that she needs his help.

She tells him that there has been a great deal of injustice done to someone she knows and now it is being covered up. She wants him to dig into this matter. She tells him what happened with Vincent. Vincent arrives at the warehouse and JT tells him that he needs to try and woo Cat. Tess and Joe are in bed together and Joe’s wife is back early from her business trip. He needs to go. He tells Tess that he is tired of living for appearances and that he hasn’t had a real marriage with his wife for years. Heather and Cat arrive at the precinct and Heather is organizing Joe’s award ceremony. At the precinct, she meets Darius, Joe’s younger brother. He asks her out for dinner. Heather is thrilled. Vincent has sent Cat some flowers at work; but Cat doesn’t accept them.

Vincent sees this from the roof of a building. Joe arrives with Darius and introduces him to Tess and Cat. He then asks them to look into the new case. They arrive at the crime scene. The officer tells them that at first it looked like normal suicide but then there were signs of struggle in the house. Tess and Cat learn that the victim is a journalist. We see that he is Alex’s friend; the journalist she met earlier and asked him to look into Vincent’s case. They infer that he was working on something and was silenced as the people didn’t want the story to get out. Cat finds a phone and checks it. She sees a voicemail from Alex. She deletes Alex’s messages. Meanwhile, Claire and Evan make plans for the evening.

Claire seems distracted and Evan notices it. Claire then leaves to meet the guy from Muirfield. She tells him that Evan is getting closer. The guy tells Claire that Alex is protecting Vincent and that she reached out to a journalist. But he says that the journalist has been taken care of. He tells Claire to gain Alex’s trust, get to Vincent and then get rid of her. Cat tells Vincent that Alex went to a reporter who ended up dead; staged suicide. And now she is not able to find Alex. Cat wants Vincent to stay indoors and not leave the warehouse at any cost. Alex is on the street and she reads about her friend’s death. She is shocked. Claire walks up to her and tells her that she belongs to the group that created Vincent and now they want to help him.

She also tells Alex that she knows what happened in the woods and that Vincent’s condition could get worse. Next, Vincent sends some chocolates to the precinct. Joe wants to know about the case; he wants to know if it is a murder or suicide. The reports point to suicide. Vincent has another surprise for Cat. He managed to get some people to dance for Cat on the street; a street performance. The Flash Mob finishes and gives Cat a heart with V written on it. Alex calls Vincent and tells her that she needs his help and asks him to come to the hotel. We then see that she readies an injection. Cat and Tess are at a bar and Joe walks in. he tells them that Evan’s girlfriend cancelled on him; so they decided to get a beer.

Evan tells Cat that he has some suspicions about Claire. JT calls Cat and tells her that Vincent has gone to meet Alex. At the hotel, Alex injects Vincent with some drug. Vincent passes out. He wakes up after a while and tells Alex that she has been fooled by those people. He tells her that she should trust Cat. But Alex feels that Cat doesn’t want him to be better. Cat arrives and Alex draws a gun that Claire gave her because Claire knew that Cat would come. Cat tells her the truth. Cat tells her that it was her mother who made Vincent and she was killed for it. She urges Alex to trust them and let them go. Alex agrees.

Claire arrives and Alex tells her that Vincent escaped. Claire then draws her gun to kill Alex. But the beast jumps at Claire and knocks her down. He then runs away with Alex. Alex is at the warehouse. Alex apologizes for her foolishness. But she now knows that she can finally let go off her past and move on. Cat arrives with a fake id and tickets for Alex. Alex tells her that Vincent loves her. Alex tells Cat that Vincent was only trying to do the right thing by staying with her because he was feeling guilty about the fact that he left her and disappeared. But she knows that his heart was always with Cat. Alex is on a bus to another state. But we see that the guy from Muirfield has tracked Alex down and he too is in the bus.

Next, Cat is trying to destroy the evidence that connects the dead journalist to Alex. Tess sees this. Cat tries to explain to her that she is trying to protect someone. But she can’t tell her the whole story. Tess tells her that she is going to ask for a new partner in the morning. Cat is upset that she lost a good partner and her best friend. Claire is snooping around in Evan’s lab and Evan catches her red handed. She tells him that she was sent because of his research on cross species. She tells him that she works for the group that created him. Evan now learns that the beast was created and not evolved.

Claire asks Evan to join them. Evan knows that if he says a no, he will be a dead man. Cat returns home and Vincent is waiting for her. Cat tells him that Alex is on the bus. Vincent wants to know where all of this leaves them. She tells him that she thinks that they should take this slow. She knows that the heart doesn’t listen to anything. Vincent leans to kiss her. But just then Heather arrives and is surprised to see that her sister is dating someone. The episode ends.