Tough Love - Recap

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The episode begins with Cat and Vincent arriving on the roof. Heather walked in on them and now Cat is worried that Heather will be curious and will start digging around about Vincent. Vincent tells her to tell Heather that he was some random guy she picked up at the bar. Heather feels that her sister is hiding stuff from her. She tells Cat she knows that he is Vincent Solanski, the guy she brought to their father’s wedding. Heather tells Cat to call Vincent over for dinner. Cat reluctantly agrees. She goes to the warehouse and tells Vincent to come over to her place. J.T. arrives and asks Cat about Evan. He is worried that he has not heard from Evan in a while. Cat tells him that she saw Evan last night and says that he is fine.

At the lab, Swanson, Claire’s employer, arrives to meet Evan. He has a proposition to him; he offers Evan a chance to work with them. Vincent arrives for dinner and Heather is not too welcoming initially because she wants to know why he went back to his ex. He tells her that he was scared of the emotionally intense feelings he felt for Cat. Heather is now convinced and welcomes Vincent. Darius, Joe’s brother, arrives and Cat and Vincent are surprised; it looks like this is going to be a double date. During the dinner, Darius get a message of an overdue payment and Vincent senses that he is hiding something. Vincent’s reflexes surprise Heather. She tells them that she has a picture of Vincent from her father’s wedding.

Vincent and Cat are speechless. Vincent excuses himself from the table and tries to enter Heather’s room to get the photos, but he gets busted by Heather and Heather tells him that she doesn’t trust him. Vincent then leaves and, outside the door, Vincent tells Cat what happened. Cat tells him that she will get the photographs. She tells him to relax and that now they can meet at her place without any fear. The next day, at work, Tess walks up to Cat and takes her to the interrogation room. Cat is surprised to see Heather. They tell Cat that there is no Vincent Solanski that exists on the database. Cat suggests that he could have changed his name; this proves that he is hiding from the law.

They tell her that she has not been herself lately and they want her to choose. Vincent messages her to meet him in the alley. Tess tells her that if she doesn’t choose, then she will have to report about her tampering with the evidence. Joe walks in and the meeting disperses. Joe tells Tess that his wife will be attending the ceremony in the evening. He tells her that he is going to tell his wife that he is going to leave her. Vincent meets Cat and tells her that Heather uploaded his pictures online. J.T. has deleted them but, if Muirfield is running facial recognitions, then they will track it back to Heather’s computer. Vincent tells Cat to acquire all the digital copies of the pictures.

At the award ceremony, Cat asks Heather to hand her the flash drive. Heather is upset that her sister is picking Vincent over her. She hands over the drive in anger and leaves. She then walks up to Darius and they go for a drive. Cat tells Tess that Heather and she had a fight and she tries to explain to Tess that she is not choosing Vincent over them. She asks Tess for a do-over, but Tess refuses. Tess is upset, seeing Joe’s wife at the party. She tells Cat that she hasn’t seen Heather for a while. Cat is tense and calls Vincent. She checks the security camera footage from the precinct and sees that Heather has gone with Darius. But she also sees that a black SUV is following them. Evan meets Cat and tells her that he has an amazing opportunity to hunt down “the creature”.

Cat tells him to let it go. Evan wants to know why she is defending the beast and Cat, who is worried about Heather, tells him that it is not a good time. Vincent has tracked down Heather and he messages Cat the address. Cat arrives at a club and is glad to see that Heather is alright. Vincent is at the club too. Heather tells Cat that she did not answer the calls because she is mad at her. Cat tells her that she loves her and she doesn’t wants to lose her. Heather wants her to break up with Vincent. Cat and Vincent pretend that they are breaking up. When Cat mentions that she did endanger Heather’s and his life, Vincent asks her to consider the break up.

Darius, who is at the bar getting drinks, gets interrupted by a few men. They point a gun at him. He tells them that he will pay them back. They take Darius to storage room and beat him up. Heather arrives, searching for Darius, and sees that he is being beaten up. Heather tells them that her sister is a cop. One of them hits Heather and knocks her unconscious. The man then asks Darius to shoot Heather. He tells him that he is the one who brought her in, he will be the one to kill her. They don’t want cops all over them. Darius is about to pull the trigger when Vincent (the beast) jumps in. He kills all of them. Heather is fine.

Vincent goes to Cat’s place and tells her what happened. Heather calls Cat and Cat rushes to the scene. Joe arrives at the scene and is devastated. Tess doesn’t appreciate his wife consoling him. Vincent watches all this from the roof top. Heather is at the precinct and she tells Cat that she doesn’t know the names of the men who beat up Darius, it all happened too fast. Evan calls Cat to the morgue and he tells her that this time the creature has made it really difficult for him because he killed Joe’s brother. Evan points out that Darius wasn’t a criminal and yet the beast killed him. Cat tells Evan that they don’t know the truth yet. Evan tells her that the beast is circling around her. She tells him that the beast is not a criminal and leaves. Evan pledges that he would protect Cat.

Vincent is standing over his brother’s grave. J.T. arrives with flowers. Evan goes to meet Swanson. Heather is home and goes off to bed. Vincent meets Cat on the roof top. He tells her that he is going to walk away. He knows what it is like to lose a brother and he knows that Joe, being the Head of the Police Department, will use all his resources to hunt down his brother’s killer. He tells Cat that she wanted a normal life and life will not be normal with him around. Cat tells him, whatever she goes through, she wants to share it with him. She says that she loves him and he tells her that he is very much in love with her. They kiss. The episode ends.