Home Improvement - Recap

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Mr. Anderson is giving Beavis and Butt-head instructions on how to do a good job painting for him -- he tells them he doesn't want any paint drips, or any brushstrokes or bubbles in the paint. He tells them he'll be back in a bit to check up on them. While he goes to mow the lawn, the boys discover his cans of paint thinner and take turns sniffing it, getting completely loopy from the fumes. While they're high, they begin painting Anderson's home, windows and all, in a random fashion. When the cat runs by, Beavis paints its butt, while Butt-head laughs. They paint the words "Megadeath" and "X-Force Rules" on the side of his house, and then they decide to burn something, so they light one of his bushes on fire. All the while, Anderson is mowing his grass and drinking beer.

Anderson walks around the corner, intending to tell the boys where the paint thinner is, and sees what they've done. While Anderson surveys the damage to his home, the boys ride off on his riding lawn mower. Anderson calls the police, and gives them (inaccurate) descriptions of the boys. They decide to mow their way over to Stewart's, and mow through a botanical garden on the way.