Plate Frisbee - Recap

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The boys are watching the Olympics on TV at Stuart's house. Stewart's mom brings the boys a plate of cookies for them to eat while they watch, and the plate happens to be a valuable 17th century antique. They are watching the discus-throwing event while holding the plate, and naturally, that gives them an idea.

They go outside to play with the plate. Butt-head throws it to Beavis and hits him right in the head. Beavis returns the throw and nails Butt-head in the forehead too, though strangely, the plate doesn't break. Stewart's begs them to be careful, so they throw the plate at his head, too. Mr. Anderson is outside cleaning up his garbage can lids, when the plate hits him in the head next. Colette, Mr. Anderson's dog, runs up to the boys. The think maybe she's a Frisbee dog, so Beavis throws it for her and she runs after it, catching it in her mouth, which causes her teeth to break. They decide this makes her, and the plate, "cool".

Butt-head then plays air guitar while slamming the plate into his head. Beavis tells him not to bogart the plate, so Butt-head throws it to Beavis, but he throws it too hard... and it flies off, hitting and hurting some construction workers and landing in the road, causing a crash between a gasoline tanker truck, and a truck full of matches. A major explosion bursts forth, throwing the plate back at their feet. Stewart picks it up, and proclaims them "lucky", and then then, ironically, the plate shatters into pieces in his hand.