1-900-BEAVIS - Recap

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Beavis and Butt-head are watching commercials on TV, and see an ad for 1-900-LICK. The sexy girl in lingerie convinces them to call, and they both dive for the phone. Butt-head dials, and they both listen, excitedly. The sexy voice on the other line keeps repeating "Hello", because the boys are too stunned to say anything, they just giggle. She asks if they want to know what she's wearing, and tells them she's naked.

The scene cuts to the woman talking, a very large, unattractive woman with her hair in curlers, hairy legs, sitting with a skinny man and a boy. But her voice is sexy, so the boys, not knowing what she looks like, are still stunned and giggling. She asks what they want to talk about, and Butt-head asks if she'll put the phone on her butt. The woman puts the receiver under her rear end, and sits back to eat chicken wings.

The next morning, the woman's son tells her that her phone-sex ad is on TV. She yells at him, and then yells because her chair is uncomfortable... she'd forgotten that she still had the phone under her butt. She tells the boys that they're spending so much cash on phone-sex, that they should get their own 900 number, which sounds like a good idea to the boys.

The boys go to Central Telephone and act on the phone-sex woman's advice. The boys tell the customer service representative that they want to use their line to meet chicks. He asks them a few questions, and explains that they must provide a valuable service to the customer. He asks them to sign and date some paperwork, but the boys decide that's too much work. They head off to Stewart's to make more calls.

The phone-sex woman is asleep in her easy chair, with the phone tucked under her butt. Beavis and Butt-head can be heard laughing over the phone. They decide that listening to her butt is better than trying to run their own phone-sex line.