Late Night With Butt-head - Recap

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Beavis and Butt-head are meeting with Mr. Van Driessen's audio-visual club, and the students are explaining what kind of videos they would make for their projects. Butt-head tells Mr. Van Driessen that he has an idea for a late night show, and Mr. Van Driessen tells Butt-head, "Wow me".

Butt-head begins to describe his idea, and it closely resembles Late Night with David Letterman. He's dressed like Dave, has Dave's hair, reads a Top Ten List, and even has a keyboardist (Beavis, who is bald just like Paul Shaffer). Mr. Van Driessen likes the idea, so the boys begin filming.

Once the camera is on though, the show falls apart. Butt-head is wearing his usual AC/DC shirt, "Late Night with Butt-Head" is written on the chalkboard in sloppy letters, he can't think of any good jokes, and Beavis has no musical skills whatsoever. Butt-Head has nothing interesting to say, so he and Beavis just make dirty gestures with their hands for the camera.