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Beavis and Butt-Head: The Pipe Of Doom

The boys loiter outside a construction site, then sneak inside to explore after the crew leaves. Butt-head crawls into a pipe and gets stuck - and the media soon broadcasts it, interviewing him and Beavis for television reports. Of course, Beavis has to explore the pipe, too.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x22
Production Number: 422
Airdate: Saturday May 21st, 1994

Main Cast
Mike JudgeMike Judge
voiced Beavis, Butt-head, Principal McVicker, Tom Anderson, David Van Driessen, Bradley Buzzcut


Beavis and Butt-head are at a construction site, watching the construction workers harass and whistle at girls. At the end of the shift, the boys sneak under the construction fence, and check out all the equipment. They come across a pile of pipes, and Butt-head decides he wants to crawl into one to see what's inside. He gets halfway in, with his butt hanging out the end, and realizes he can't get back out. Beavis tries to pull him out by yanking on his legs, and all he manages to do is pull Butt-head's pants down a bit exposing his butt crack. ..

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Mark O'Connor"The Devil Comes Back To Georgia" 
Pantera"I'm Broken" 
Salt 'N Pepa featuring En Vogue"What A Man" 

Episode Quotes
(The boys find a pile of large pipes)
Butt-head: I wonder if they're like, pipes for water, or pipes for like, crap.
Beavis: Yeah. That would be cool, if they really had, like, pipes with crap and turds running through 'em.
Butt-head: They DO, dumbass! How do you think all that crap gets out of your house?
Beavis: It doesn't. It's in my basement in little jars.
Butt-head: That's pretty disgusting, Beavis.
Beavis: Yeah. I know.

Butt-head: I don't wanna live in a pipe, butt munch!
Beavis: Yeah, but like, if you're stuck in a pipe, they can't make you go to school.
Butt-head: Oh yeah. But what about chicks?
Beavis: There's chicks in there? (jumps up and tries to see inside the pipe)
Butt-head: No, fartknocker! I'm talkin' about the chicks I'm gonna be scoring with when I get some chest hairs!

Female News Reporter: (to the camera) What a courageous young man! And so this incredible story has a happy ending. Butt-head is free! Trish Burbee, Action News. (puts down microphone and turns away from the camera) That's a wrap. God, what a stupid kid!

Episode Goofs
Visual: The pipes

When the boys first find the stacked pipes, and they're shown from the front, there are 12. But when Butt-head is stuck inside one and they're shown again from the front, there are 13.

Cultural References
Butt-head: They should like, make a video. 'How to Talk to Chicks.'
Beavis: Yeah. 'Volume One: Hunting and Escaping.' That would be cool.

The boys are referring to a series of Time-Life educational documentary videos about wildlife called David Attenborough's The Trials of Life (1990). The commercials for these videos ran frequently on TV, though actually "Hunting and Escaping" was Volume Four.

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