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Choke - Recap

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They boys are watching British comedy and eating take-out chicken, when Butt-head chokes on a chicken nugget. He starts to turn red, and tries to tell Beavis he's choking, but Beavis misunderstands him and thinks he says he's choking his chicken. This makes Butt-head laugh, despite the fact that he can barely breathe.

Finally Beavis realizes what's going on, but doesn't know what to do. Butt-head is barely able to tell him to call 911, so Beavis brings the phone over to the couch. Butt-head takes the phone and dials 911, but then falls over. Beavis speaks to the operator who answers, and begins to tell her what they were watching on television. Butt-head is now purple, and Beavis remembers to tell the operator that Butt-head is choking. She asks if anyone has performed the Heimlich maneuver on the victim, which Beavis does not know how to do. She's surprised, and tells him every restaurant in town has that information posted.

Beavis throws down the phone and goes to look at one of these posters at Burger World, but keeps getting distracted along the way. He spies some dog poop on the sidewalk, and studies that for a while. Butt-head is barely hanging on to consciousness. Beavis sees a bug on the ground and stomps it, and somehow that reminds him of nachos. Watching some kids play basketball, he then remembers Butt-head, who despite being purple, tries to continue eating chicken nuggets. Beavis buys some nachos and sits outside the Maxi-Mart when Stewart joins him and asks where Butt-head is, which reminds Beavis that he'd better get going.

Butt-head finally passes out, and Beavis finally arrives at Burger World to look at the Heimlich poster. Butt-head has turned completely blue by the time Beavis returns. Beavis walks in with a poster that tells employees to wash their hands. As Beavis is telling this to the unconscious Butt-head, he accidentally steps on Butt-head's stomach, forcing the food out of his mouth. Butt-head can breathe at last, and his color starts to return to normal. Beavis picks up the nugget that was expelled from Butt-head's windpipe, and begins to eat it, when he suddenly chokes on it too.