Safe House - Recap

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The boys are sitting on their couch, scratching their butts and picking their noses, when they hear the screech of tires outside. Suddenly, Todd kicks in their front door. He tells them to move over so he can sit on the couch. Todd tells them that if anyone comes by to look for him, they should just "play dumb". Beavis offers Todd their dinner, which consists of some graham crackers and marshmallows.

There's a knock at the door, so the boys go to answer it. There are three big guys out there, looking for Todd. The boys tell the thugs that they're "dumb". Beavis tells them that he and Butt-head are in Todd's "gang", so the guys beat Beavis and Butt-head up. The boys return to Todd, covered in scrapes and bruises, with black eyes. Todd doesn't seem to care about the fact that they just got their asses kicked; he just tells them to fix the TV antenna.

Later, the boys are still hanging out with Todd, watching the "Wide World of Bikini Sports". Butt-head is putting Beavis down, trying to appear cooler than him. The boys ask again if they can be in Todd's gang, but he says if they were really loyal, they would have kicked those guys' asses. There's another knock at the door, and when the boys look through the peephole, they see two cops standing outside. They open the door, and the cops tell them they're looking for Todd. The boys remember what Todd said about loyalty, and tell the cops that they're gonna have to kick their asses. The cops pull them outside, cuff them, haul them out to their police car and throw them in the back seat.

Butt-head calls Todd from the police station, and the only advice Todd has is to not drop the soap. A cop takes them to a cell for holding, and when he opens the door, the three punks who beat them up earlier are inside. Beavis tells them he's going to kick their asses, and the guys start to beat the boys up again.