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Dude, A Reward - Recap

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The boys are sitting on a park bench, and Butt-head is eating a burrito. Beavis wants a bite, but Butt-head won't share. Beavis threatens to take it, and Butt-head tells him he'll kick his ass if he does. Beavis grabs the burrito and runs, eating it as he goes. Butt-head chases after him and catches him, shoving him into a bush.

As they're fighting in the bushes, Beavis discovers a black bag. He opens it and pulls out a couple of cameras. Beavis wants to break them, but then Butt-head accidentally takes a photo of himself. Butt-head plays with the lens and sticks it up his nose and takes another photo, then one of his ear, and a few inside his mouth. Beavis pulls down his pants, and Butt-head captures a few shots of Beavis' butt. Next, the boys take some photos of their privates.

After they're done taking photos, they decide to break the cameras. As Beavis is smashing them, Butt-head discovers a card inside the bag that offers a reward if the equipment is found, along with an address and phone number. The boys put the pieces back inside the bag, and go to the photographer's studio. When they enter, and the photographer sees the bag, he gets very excited until he opens the it and realizes that the cameras are broken. The boys ask about the reward, though the photographer wants to talk about his creative process. He's offended that they brought up the money, so he throws some bills at them and orders them to get out. They scoop up the cash and leave.

Later, there is an art exhibit by the photographer, with a theme of "The 90's Male". The shots are the ones that the boys took of themselves and each other - mostly weird black and white shots of their mouths and shirts and butts. The patrons inside the gallery are extremely impressed with the shots and aspire to have a creative vision like that.