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Beaverly Buttbillies - Recap

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Beavis and Butt-head are watching the Beverly Hillbillies on TV. The boys decide they need to strike oil too, so they can have money and chicks. They take a couple of shovels out into the yard and try digging for oil. At first they don't make any progress, because as each of them digs, he piles the dirt in the other's hole. Finally, Beavis feels his shovel hit something, and he forces it harder into the ground, and hits a sewage line. Sewage comes spewing out of the hole, covering the boys in dark brown goo, but they think they've hit oil. They're excited, thinking they've struck it rich.

They realize that in order to actually get rich, they will have to sell their "oil" first. They fill a trashcan full of the putrid stuff, and haul it over to Mr. Anderson's house. When they tell him they're selling oil, Anderson begins to lecture them on the safety of handling combustibles, and when they don't appreciate his advice, he tells them to get lost. As he slams his door, the barrel tips over, spilling raw sewage onto Anderson's walkway.

A city crew comes by to fix the sewage leak, but Beavis and Butt-head think the crew is trying to steal their oil. The workers fix the leak and take off, leaving the boys with a yard full of stinky poop.