Speech Therapy - Recap

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Beavis and Butt-head were suspended from school for two weeks, but now they're back. They stop into Principal McVicker's office, who is quite stressed that the boys are back. He remembers that Mr. Van Driessen's class is on a field trip to the botanical gardens, so he's going to have to find someplace for the boys to go. He places them in the new speech therapist's class for the day.

The therapist shows the diagrams of the larynx, which the boys think is something dirty. Then she gives them mirrors to watch their speech, but Butt-head uses the mirror to try to look up her dress. Then she has them practice sentences, which the boys say incorrectly in order to make dirty phrases of them. At this point, the principal comes back in and is furious at them, and the speech teacher actually defends the boys - never realizing they were being dirty.