Our Founding Losers - Recap

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Beavis and Butt-head pull down the American flag in front of the school. Mr. Buzzcut sees them and is so offended at their lack of respect, that he makes them write a paper about the nation's founding fathers.

They quickly fall asleep, and Beavis dreams that he is a mercenary in the Colonial War. Butt-head imagines he is Paul Revere hitting on a colonial babe, who turns around and is actually Beavis, which wakes him up.

In his second dream, Butt-head is Abraham Lincoln speaking about four-scoring with chicks. Beavis dreams he is Ben Franklin writing the constitution, and mandates that chicks must "do it" with him.

Mr. Buzzcut walks in and finds them sleeping, and he is furious. Since they can't tell him anything thoughtful about our nation's founding fathers, he beats them up.