It's A Shame About Ray - Recap

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The episode begins in the flashback where Josh, Sally and Aiden are trying to cook shell fish and Sally tells them that death is the natural order of nature and that they are all going to die. Aidan keeps repeatedly saying that they are not going to die. Cut to the present, a bearded Aidan who is now buried says to himself that they are not going to die. He screams from under the earth. There is a heavy statue sitting on spot where he is buried. Next, Nora and Josh go to meet a medium. Nora tells her that she has been to a lot of them; but nothing has worked. The psychic tells her to keep an open mind.

The psychic then tells them about the woods and a fight. Nora and Josh are shocked and they remember the fight in the woods. But then as usual the psychic turns out to be a sham. Josh tells her that if he has to go to one more psychic, she will have to end up contacting him on the other side. But Nora is determined to find Aiden and Sally. Josh says that since Sally is in limbo, it would be easy to find her; but it will be difficult to find Aiden. Next we see Sally running around in limbo and desperately trying to get out of this state. She reaches the door after rescuing her friends but every time they stop her and tell her that it is not going to work. She pleads to them to have some faith. But when she turns around, they disappear.

At the hospital, a man is brought in by the cops and Josh realizes that he is a vampire. He takes him aside and asks him about Aiden. He knows who Aiden is but doesn’t know where he is. Nora arrives and the man snaps at her and asks her to get out. Obviously, no vampire likes a werewolf. Cut to the flashback, where Nora and Josh go to a storage facility to check whether killing Ray really helped them Josh does not convert; but Nora is still a werewolf. Next, Josh and Nora are waiting for a psychic who is supposed to visit them. But Nora sees her walking back. We see that she is the same woman who tried to exercise Sally before. Nora stops and asks her to help them. She tells her that there is too much pain in that house and it is beyond her to help them.

She then writes down the name of Miss Gilchrist who can help them; but her involvement ends here. On the other hand, Sally once again rescues her friends and runs to the door with them. But the door doesn’t open and her friends disappear. Josh and Nora go to meet Donna Gilchrist. They tell her that they want to get Sally back. Donna tells them that what lies ahead of them is a little more intense than they can handle. Josh thinks that she is trying to dare them. Donna then tells them that it will cost them $2000. But the money is the least they need to worry about. If they need to lure the soul in, they will need something called blood magic. She needs them to bring the heart of a person they killed. Josh freaks out and questions her credibility. She proves her worth and Josh is convinced.

Meanwhile, some man who calls himself the savior digs Aiden out of the dirt. He then makes him wear an iron mask so that he would not bite. Aiden regains consciousness and sees that he is surrounded with blood. But everything is a blur. Josh and Nora arrive in the woods to dig up Ray’s body. Josh looks ruffled. Nora tells him that his humanity was worth killing Ray. Aiden wakes up again and this time he sees that his “savior” is drawing his blood into a bottle. He tells Aiden that a lot of vampires are sick and they are ready to pay him anything for pure vampire blood. Well, if that is what they believe! Aiden tries to protest, but the man pokes in a needle into Aiden’s neck and draws blood again. Looks like Aiden has turned in to a honey pot! Josh and Nora dig up ray’s body.

Nora is worried that now Donna will know about this. She has tried her best to get over this; but hasn’t been able to. Josh is ready to cut open Ray’s heart. Next, they take the heart to Donna, who Josh calls a witch. Well, he is nervous. Donna comments that the heart is “messy”. That is because the body was not in the “right” condition! They want to know why Donna needs the heart and she tells them that they had the power of life in their hands when they killed that man. It is required for the ritual. Also, she gives them shocking news; she is not only going to get Sally back from the limbo, she is going to resurrect her! Next, Aiden’s captor is bargaining with a customer and asks him to leave as the customer is not able to pay the correct price for the pure blood.

But just then the sick vampire attacks the savior and rescues Aiden. He is one of the Amish. He tells Aiden that most of the vampires are dead. Amish tells him that one of them bought home tainted meat and that is how they got sick. They sent him to find cure and he found Aiden! Nora and Josh are digging up Sally’s grave. Nora wonders what are they going to get Sally back as and Josh tells her that they are bringing her back as Sally. Aiden imagines talking to Sally and Josh and Bishop. Bishop tells Aiden that the Amish is sick and that he should fight him; but Sally reminds him that Aiden is tired and dehydrated. Well, Bishop is sort of compelling and Aiden decides to fight. But Aiden is too weak. The Amish bites Aiden and drinks his blood.

Next, in the kitchen, Donna starts with the ritual. She then tells them that the reanimation has no guarantee. She says that the ritual will open a doorway for Sally, but it is up to her to climb on the raft. Josh freaks out on hearing this. He is pissed that he had to dig out the heart of a man who he killed, dig out the remains of his friend’s corpse, only to hear that there is no guarantee. Donna doesn’t budge. In the limbo, Sally and her friends are once again running to the door. This time they see a light. Stevie and David are skeptical. Sally urges them to walk through that door as this might be the only chance they get. They agree and walk through the door. Sally walks in behind them Josh and Nora are anxiously waiting in the kitchen.

Sally’s body moves; her heart is moving! Donna is glad. The Amish is still driving with Aiden in the van. But he suddenly feels sick. The blood did not cure him. He dies. The van rams into an electric pole. Aiden is too weak to move. At home, sally wakes up. Well she looks pretty normal! She tells Nora and Josh that Stevie and Nick had walked through the door with her. Nora wonders what if they woke up inside their coffins!! Next we see Donna walking through the woods. She finds his body and asks “Now what are we going to do with you?” Hmm… Aiden lies on the roadside fighting for his life; and he continues to say, “I am not going to die”. The episode ends.