(dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Recap

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The episode begins with an angry father entry a cabin, confronting a group of Amish. He wants to know where his son is and they point out to the head of a dead werewolf mounted on the wall. He then kills all of them. He goes to his dead son and tells the head that he will make the murderers pay. We then see Aidan muster some strength to crawl up to the van and drink the blood that was kept in the back seat. At home, Sally is now with her friends, Josh, Stevie and Zoey. Zoey and Stevie are very much human now and Zoey leaves with his girlfriend. Stevie is about to leave and Josh tells him that he cannot come in touch with anyone from his past.

It could be a disaster. Stevie wants to hitch-hike across the country, lose his virginity etc. Josh gives him some money and Stevie promises Sally that he will not kill himself this time. The phone rings and later we see that Sally and Josh rush to pick up Aiden. Sally is ecstatic and Aiden is surprised that she is human. Sally tells him about the witch Josh and Nora net and with whose help and blood magic, they managed to get her out of limbo. She also tells him that they killed Ray and took his heart. Aiden freaks out; and then he realizes that Josh does not smell like a dog anymore. They tell him that Josh is human too. What? Really!! Aiden is back home and has shaved! Finally we get to see his face. Sally is all excited about her new life and wants to tear it up tonight.

But Josh tells her that Donna, the witch, has told her to stay away from her past. Sally tells them that she can wear a burkha. She then asks Nora if she could borrow some of her outfits. Nora will not be able to party with them as she is going to spend her night in the storage unit. Aiden is still freaked out about the reanimated corpse; Sally. Josh reminds him that he too is one. He then offers blood to Aiden from the refrigerator. But Aiden does not want to drink it as it could be the infected blood. He tells Josh about the flu that knocks up human in their butt; but it wipes off the vampires. Aiden leaves, as he needs to get some things done; and he tells Josh that there are some things that he doesn’t want Josh to see. Nora tells Josh that she doesn’t need to stand guard outside the storage unit.

She knows that he is trying to protect her. But she wants him to be free and stop guarding the unit. Aiden goes to woman who tells him that she had the flu; so he cannot drink her blood. But she knows of a guy who has clean blood. Aiden wants to know where he can find him. Sally and Josh are at a restaurant; the first full moon after Josh turned human. He tells Sally that he would ask Nora to marry him. Aiden is trying to buy clean blood in a dark alley. Just then he is attacked by some vampire bashers. He tries to run but they catch up with him and beat him up. Just then Aiden’s son, Henry arrives to his rescue. Henry brings Aiden home to his girlfriend. Emma is happy to see Aiden. The two most important people in Henry’s life!

At the restaurant, Sally cones across a former friend named Trent. He is shocked to see Sally as he had attended her funeral. Sally comes up with an amazingly unbelievable story that she had faked her death to escape from the clutches of her obsessive boyfriend. And Trent buys that story. Josh is shocked too. Sally gets all flirty with Trent and Josh tries his best to keep her away from her friend. Josh then learns about Sally’s brother Roby, who she doesn’t talk to. Sally tells Trent that Roby doesn’t know that she is alive. She asks Josh to get some more drinks. At home, Henry tells Aiden that he is fine and healthy as he feeds on his girlfriend’s blood and this helps him stay healthy. Henry knows that Aiden is weak. So, he agrees to let him snack on his girlfriend just one time; enough to get him back on his legs.

In the storage unit, the angry father arrives to meet Nora. His name s Liam and he is the father of the twins; Connor and Brynn. He has come to find Brynn. He tells her that his son died and Nora lies saying that she did not know about that. Liam tells her that he is now looking for Brynn and Nora tells him that she doesn’t know where she is. She tells him that she hasn’t seen Brynn for over a year now. Liam tells her that he can smell her fear. He then tells her that they should change together. She is nervous. Sally tells Josh that she is going to take Trent home to have sex with him. Josh is totally reluctant and she makes a cute face to convince him. She then asks him for condoms and he is aghast.

Next, Aiden enters the room with Emma to have a snack. But he realizes that Emma tried to kill herself. She tells him that she doesn’t remember when she last went out and has forgotten what her mom sounds like. So, she is a blood slave. Aiden tells Henry that he cannot keep Emma locked up like this. Henry tells him that he cannot let Emma get out and get sick. Aiden thinks of another way. Henry reminds him that he hasn’t drunk for more than a year and so he should drink from Emma. But Aiden leaves. Trent and Sally are making out on the steps. But he turns down sex. He tells sally that he wants to take her out the next day. She is happy and agrees. Sally and Aiden talk about her time with Trent. She tells him that it felt really good that someone did actually “see” her. Sally sees that Aiden is weak and hungry.

She tells him that he could drink from her. But he refuses. They then hold hands and sort of flirt; but then Aiden quickly withdraws. The next morning, Sally comes downstairs and tells Josh that they should go for breakfast. But he has to go and get Nora out. He also tells her that he is going to propose Nora. She tells him not; especially not this morning. Josh tells her that it is symbolic; he doesn’t care about the fact that Nora is a wolf. He loves her for what she is. Sally is still against the idea. Just then they hear sirens and they come out of the house to check what is going on. They see the cops taking away Trent’s dead body.

Josh thinks that Donna was talking about this. That is why Sally is not supposed to meet people from her past. Next, we see that Aiden has let Emma free and Henry is pissed. He punches Aiden. Aiden tries to talk to him; but he doesn’t want to listen to anything and leaves. Josh goes to pick Nora up. But he sees that the floor has bloodied marks on it and the door is torn open. And Nora is not inside the storage unit. The episode ends.