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The Teens They Are A Changin' - Recap

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The episode begins with Nora and Mc Lean sitting on a bench and having coffee. Nora tells him that he could have killed her last night; he ripped open a metal door with his teeth and he was bleeding and then he came on to her. He tells her that he wouldn’t think of killing her as she is the closest link to Brynn. Well, she states that she could have attacked him. In that case, she would be the only animal with a death wish!! Sally and Josh call most of the hospitals to check if Nora has been admitted in anyone of them. But she hasn’t been. Just then Nora arrives home. Aiden has brought a man with him and he meets Henry.

Henry thinks that he is not affected by the flu and is about to drink his blood. Just then the man sneezes and Henry is scared and furious. He asks the man to leave. Henry’s thirst for blood is getting the better off him. Aiden tells him that keeping Emma as a slave and torturing her was beneath him; they can do better than that. He tells them that there is plenty of clean blood out there and he will find it for him. At home, Sally is stress eating. She is still paranoid about Trent’s death. She has no identity, and every time she steps out of the house there is a chance of killing someone. She thinks that she should go for Trent’s memorial. Josh tells her that it is a bad idea. She will end up killing nearly half her year book. She feels that Trent’s ghost would be there and she could talk to him.

Josh tells her that she is normal now and that he needs more normal in his life if he is planning to propose Nora. Aiden arrives and Sally takes a whole bunch of things and goes upstairs. Aiden then tells Josh that he might need a supply of clean blood from the hospital in order to survive and keep Henry alive. Josh tells him that he would be risking his job by doing so; but Aiden tells him that this is the best idea he came up with. Josh tells Nora about this and Nora hopes that Josh said a no to Aiden. But then she seems fine with it. Josh starts going through the patient’s records. Sally arrives at the funeral home to see Trent’s body and as expected meets Trent’s ghost standing there. She tells him that she can see him as she was a ghost herself and then she was brought back to life by a witch. Trent is interested in the same.

Sally tells her that there is some fine print attached to it and that is not too nice. For example, he will not be able to meet the people from his past; else he would end up killing them. he realizes the reason for his death. Just then the guy from the funeral home arrives and tosses Sally away as the body is ready for viewing. At the hospital, Josh attends to a patient named Nora. She has been scratched by a “dog” and it hurts pretty badly. Well, Josh knows it is not a “dog”; it is a wolf! He knows that she has a day and then she will turn into a wolf. He keeps her in the hospital. Henry spots Emma walking on the street and he is about to attack her. Aiden stops him and warns him that Emma has now been exposed to the environment and she could be infected. A woman from the DCF arrives to take Aaron, but she does not want to go.

She has been through bad homes and she has had enough. Nora doesn’t let that woman take Aaron. She then tells Josh that she cannot tell her what her life is going to be like henceforth as she knows that Aaron is not ready to hear it. Nora says that she was once in Aaron’s position and knows how it felt. She tells him that they should keep her for a while; till her first turn. Josh is reluctant but later agrees. Sally once again meets Trent and tells him about the door he needs to wait for. he says that he heard about the door from the other ghosts. She then tells him that he might have some unresolved issues because of which he has to wait. He tells her that he was making out with her when he was supposed to be home with his fiancée. Sally is pissed; but he tells her to save the outrage as he died because of her.

He wants her to go to his service and help sort things out. Sally cannot go; but then she decides to and walks up to Max, the guy from the funeral home. Henry arrives at the hospital and tells Josh that he is not being a friend to Aiden. He feels that Aiden has become a nuisance for Josh and that is why he is turning his back on Aiden. Josh is pissed; but he falls for it. Later, he meets Aiden outside the hospital and gives him the name of a cable installer. He is clean and Josh hopes that Aiden wouldn’t mess it up. Aiden assure him that nothing will go wrong and leaves. At home, Josh and Nora try to tell Aaron that she is going to become a werewolf. She finds their story amusing and doesn’t believe them. She gets up to leave and Josh plays a video which shows him turning into a wolf. She watches the video in horror. She wants to know how long she has; well a day!

Aiden goes to the cable installer and he sees that Henry attacks the guy. But Aiden frees him and at that moment he notices a discoloration on his neck. Sally goes to the funeral service and talks to Trent’s fiancée, Candice. She tells her that Trent cheated on her as he was making out with her the day he died. Candice cries. She then tells Sally that she had been cheating on Trent for a year and now she feels a little better about the whole thing. Poor Trent! Henry has given up hope and Aiden tries to remain upbeat. But Henry says that he is weak as he walked into that hospital and thought that one drink wouldn’t hurt. Later, he is on the couch coughing. He tells Aiden that he doesn’t want to die in the house. He wants to ho out, be a vampire and die drinking. Trent is upset that the memory of his fiancée has been destroyed.

He wants Sally to stay away from him. Josh, Nora and Aaron go to the forest. He gives Aaron a big piece of meat and some things that she might require while she turns. Aaron goes into the woods. Nora finds a gun on josh and Josh tells her that he is carrying it just in case they need it. Nora too walks into the forest. Nora tries to reassure Aaron. Aaron turns and she attacks Josh who is waiting in the car. Josh grabs the gun to shoot at her. But Nora, who has also turned, leaps in and makes Aaron obey. Aiden finds Henry and sits down with him.

Henry tells Aiden that he is a vampire and not a human. He reminds Aiden that he too is a vampire and should quit try to become a human. Next, Trent sees his door and walks in through it. But he ends up walking into the witch’s soup kitchen. There the witch obliterates him with a butcher’s knife and feeds on his shreds. We then see the old witch turn young again. The episode ends.