I'm So Lonesome I Could Die - Recap

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The episode begins with Josh and Nora sleeping in bed; peacefully. But not for long! They wake up listen to the loud sound of music; Aiden is having a party with his coeds. Josh and Nora come down to settle the party. The newly turned werewolf is also partying with them. Nora takes her upstairs. Josh tries to talk to Aiden; but doesn’t help. Sally joins them. He tells Josh to relax as Aiden just lost his “vamp son” and his grief is understandable. Aiden says that he ate. Ate what? Rather, ate whom? Josh hopes that the blood was clean. Despite all the partying, we see that Aiden is still grieving over his loss. In the morning, Josh asks Nora if she wants to hang out in the evening.

She tells him that she needs to o meet her parents as it is her mom’s birthday. She then asks Josh not to clean up the after party mess as it is not his responsibility. He promises that he wouldn’t. She also wants him to take care of Erin. But we see that he is cleaning the floor and Aiden arrives. Josh tells Aiden that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Nora. Aiden tells him to try wooing her and ask permission to be with her. Josh then tells Aiden that he needs to get back to working as the finances of the house are dwindling. He says that he did cover for him saying that Aiden was doing some work in Australia. Josh also doesn’t like Aiden’s new attitude of exposing himself to dangerous situations where he could catch an infection.

Next, Sally walks out of the house and is surrounded by a lot of people from her past. They all fall dead on the ground. Sally wakes up screaming after the nightmare. Later, she is playing cards with Erin and Erin tells her that she needs to get a new identity as she will not be able to do anything without it. Sally tells her the story of how she was brought back to life by a witch. And also about the curse! It is difficult for her as there is always a possibility of her running into a known face as she spent her entire life in Boston. So Erin asks her to leave. Is it so easy to leave? Josh arrives at the hospital to meet Nora. He tells her that he is going with her to meet her parents.

She tells him that they are really tough and she doesn’t want to burden him. He tells her that he will deal with that; he wants to be a part of her life and hence he wants to meet the people who too are an integral part of her life. Sally is waiting for Aiden and Aiden is on his way out. He takes her along with him. They are at a bar and Sally loves that place. It is an old place where he came to have ramen and now it is a bar. Sally then asks him about getting a new identity and he tells them that they have people who do it for them. But they also need to be ready to cut and run. They then start to dance and Aiden is totally distracted by a guy sitting on the bar; for his blood.

Josh and Nora arrive at Nora’s parent’s house. Erin is with them as well as she cannot be left alone. They take her in as Josh’s cousin. Nora introduces them to her father, mother and brother. Robert is totally unwelcoming. Nora’s mother talk lovingly about Will, Nora’s ex. Josh is pissed. Nora tells him that they don’t know that Will put her in the hospital and they don’t talk ill about the dead. She tells him that she has done some terrible things; and it is not just Will that she killed. At the bar, Sally notices Aiden’s blood lust and she tells him that she and Josh are worried about him getting infected. Later, Aiden settles the bill and follows the biker. Sally comes out of the washroom and finds Aiden has gone. She too walks out of the bar and finds the biker on the ground; his neck is bleeding.

She knows what happened. She calls 911. At home, Nora tells Josh about killing Bryn, the surviving twin. She fears that this will drive Josh away. But he tells her that she did not judge him when he killed Ray; and so he wouldn’t judge her now. Aide is recollecting the memories of all the loved ones he lost. Sally arrives and lectures him. She tells him that he risked a whole lot as he did not even know if the biker was infected. Aiden walks off. At home, Josh asks Nora’s father for permission to marry Nora. Robert has nothing to say; he asks Josh to take a look at the mother! It is Josh’s choice. Next, Aiden is in bed and Sally is on top of him; with a stake! The best way to get his attention! She tells him that all of them have problems and all of them are dealing with it.

If he continues his reckless behavior he too will end up dead like the rest. He tells them that he is going to be alone as Sally was talking about leaving and Josh and Nora are planning to start a new life. She tells him that she is not sure of her plan yet and Josh would never abandon him. Next, we see that Aiden is applying for his old job. RJ, Nora’s brother arrives with beet all happy to hear that his sister is getting married. But Nora tells him that they are not engaged yet. He decides to leave but Nora asks him to stay back. She goes out for a while to get coffee and tells him to stay where he is. Erin arrives and RJ offers her beer. She says that she shouldn’t be drinking. But later the two go to her room to have drinks. Sally sneaks into the funeral home and gets caught by Max.

She is going through some files. Josh arrives home and finds Erin and RJ making out. He is pissed and asks RJ to leave. They then end up fighting. Nora arrives and breaks it up. Erin lies to Nora about what happened but still Nora asks RJ to leave. Max wants to know what Sally was doing. She tells him that she has valid reasons to hide from her past. He realizes that she is looking for a new identity. Max believes her. Max offers her a job and tells her that he would pay her. She agrees. Josh is in front of Erin’s door and apologizes for what happened. But she doesn’t answer.

He goes inside and finds her gone. Nora tells Josh that with things that are going on between them; they shouldn’t have taken Erin in. But Josh thinks that they can handle more. Next, Aiden is being shown around the hospital and he wonders when he would get off the night shifts. He then comes across a boy named Kenny who has been caged since he was a toddler; he is a bubble boy. He has never been infected. This makes Aiden happy; really happy! The episode ends.