Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth - Recap

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The episode begins with a tired and hungry vampire nibbling on a rat. McLean arrives and spikes him. At home, Sally is shoving waffles down her gullet. Nora asks her about her new boss and Sally tells her that he is cute. Nora tells her that she should ask him out. Josh suggests that Sally should ask him out before the waffles stick to her hips! Aidan arrives; he is totally exhausted after the night shift. He is also hungry. Next, Aiden is asleep and later he wakes up after having a nightmare wherein he snacks on a doctor and there are two nurses who stand there and watch the whole thing. He then sees the two nurses lying on his bed wearing lingerie; he realizes that they are haunting him.

Next, Josh and Nora are trying to find Erin. Sally arrives at work where Max is working on an old man. He is giving the old man’s corpse a massage which helps in the rigor mortis. The old man’s ghost appears and tells Sally that Max is doing a pathetic job. He is glad that Sally can see and follows her into her office asking for her help. But she shreds him. The two nurses are still haunting Aiden. We learn that Aiden had killed them and now they tell him that they will haunt him even in his dreams. Just then there is a knock on the door. Nora’s friend, Kat arrives to drop off a check. The ghosts try to tempt Aiden into drinking Kat’s blood.

He fights his urge and runs back in. Nora arrives to meet Josh at the hospital; McLean is with her. He wants to know why his son wrote a $1700 check to Josh. Meanwhile, Sally asks Max out on a date at her place. She tells him that her friends, Nick and Zoe are coming over and they are a couple. She doesn’t want to be third wheeling it and so would like it if Max could be the fourth wheel. Max agrees and leaves. Just then a ghost appears and Sally is about to shred it. But she tells Sally that she is Max’s mother. She tells Sally that she should take it easy with Max; and she is not very friendly. At the hospital, McLean has some questions for Josh. Josh tells him that he is no longer a werewolf because he killed his maker.

He also tells him that Ray was attacking Nora. McLean looks convinced. At home, the double date is going well and the four of them are having fun. Just then Max’s mother pops up. The three of them can see her, except Max. Sally goes to the kitchen to talk to her. They end up having a bitter conversation and Sally asks her to leave. She leaves. Aiden goes to see Kenny at the hospital. Kenny is watching a horror movie and asks Aiden if he wants to join him. The two ghosts are still haunting Aiden. They tell him that he is there to drink Kenny’s blood and that if his hunger grows, he will end up draining the kid. Aiden draws a vial of blood from Kenny. Nick and Zoe leave and Sally thanks Max for coming.

She tries to kiss him; but he turns away and leaves. Aiden is walking down an alley and he is followed by two werewolves. Aiden manages to kill them. McLean is standing behind a pillar. Aiden leaves. The next morning, the nurse arrives to draw some blood from Kenny. But Kenny tells her that he already gave blood last night. But the nurse says that there is no record of it. Kenny is suspicious. Aiden arrives home and hands over the check to Nora. Nora is worried about Kat. Aiden tells her that she need not worry about him sucking blood out of her friend. He tells them about Kenny. Nora is not at all happy. Aiden tells her that there was no other way. He would be a risk to people if his hunger is not curbed. Max and Sally have an awkward moment at work.

They are sitting in the viewing room and Sally leans on Max, and asks him to kiss her. They kiss and then have sex. After the sex, Max feels bad that he had sex in the viewing room, where people mourn the death of their loved ones. He finds it unprofessional. He leaves. Sally is confused. Kenny tries to tape Aiden in the sunlight and also tries to tape his reflection in the mirror. Aiden realizes that Kenny is getting suspicious. Linda pops up again and Sally is disgusted. Linda is furious that Sally made her son have sex with her. She has been protecting Max all her afterlife and now Sally has ruined everything. Nora is surprised that someone has been tearing down all of Erin’s posters.

McLean arrives to meet them and tells them that Aiden is a threat to all of them and he needs to be stopped. He wants Nora to kill Aiden; else he will kill the two of them. Nora is contemplating and Josh is pissed off. He doesn’t want to have this conversation and he walks off. Sally tells Max that she is quitting her job. She says that she feels assaulted at work. She also adds that the sex wasn’t good. Next, Linda wakes up Sally and tells her that she need not get out of her PJs because she has quit her job. Sally doesn’t remember that. She realizes that Linda had possessed her body and forced her to be rude to Max. At the hospital, Kenny holds up a crucifix in front of Aiden. Aiden wonders what is wrong with him.

Kenny then asks him if he is a vampire. Aiden laughs it off and tells Kenny that he has been watching a lot of horror movies. No more horror movies for him. Aiden walks out of the room and looks tense. Sally meets Zoe and tells her about what happened. Zoe gives her a soul lock pendant that she bought from Bangkok and tells her that it works. This will prevent Linda from possessing her in future. Josh goes to meet McLean with a gun and makes it very clear that he is not going to kill Aiden because Aiden is his friend. He also wants him to keep Nora out of this whole thing. McLean is angry and asks Josh to leave. At the hospital, Kenny apologizes for his earlier behavior. He fears that he is going crazy. Aiden tells him that he is not and watches television with him.

At the funeral home, Linda tries to possess Sally but she is unable to. Sally then tries to exorcise her. Linda tells her that she only wanted Max to be happy. Sally tells her that he won’t be if she doesn’t let anyone else love Max. Next, McLean arrives with Erin and Nora thanks him. He then tells Josh that it was very brave of him to do what he did. He tells him that he has a full family now and that he should take better care of his family. Sally meets Max and apologizes to him.

She tells him that she freaked out and that it has been long since she has had a connection like this with anyone. She wants then to get back into the relationship. He agrees, but on one condition; no sex in the funeral home. They kiss and Linda looks happy. Aiden has a nightmare where the nurse threatens to report him and he breaks her neck and drinks her blood. He snaps out of the nightmare, only to find that his eyes have turned black and his fangs are out. And worst, Kenny is watching him. Aiden runs out of the room. The episode ends.