What's Blood Got to Do With It? - Recap

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The episode begins with Sally and Max in the kitchen and Max feeds Sally some French toast. They are making out at the same time. Josh arrives and tells them to try not to burn the house down. They then realize that there is smoke coming out of the toaster. Their French toast is burning. Aiden arrives and tells Josh that Nora takes a lot of time in the shower. Josh tells him that it is Erin. Aiden is trying to have a bath; this means he is going back to work. But Aiden tells Josh that he is not because Kenny saw him in his vampire state. Just then someone arrives at the door. Sally goes to check and quickly hides when she sees her brother, Robbie, standing at the door. She asks her friends to hide her.

Max wonders why. Robbie talks to Aiden and Josh and tells them that he is the new landlord and that they need to write the check directly to him. Robbie leaves. Sally tells Max that her brother cannot know anything about her and she tells Max not to discuss her in case he happens to meet Robbie. Sally then tells Aiden and Josh that her father might have inherited the house after her death. She also tells them that Robbie had a problem of selling drugs to students and also some theft. Aiden and Josh tell her that they will figure out something to keep Robbie and her father away from her. Next, Aiden goes to work after a lot of days and Kenny is still curious about him being a vampire.

Aiden tries to laugh it off. Before Aiden could dismiss him further, Kenny tells him that he can feed on him. Josh is cleaning up the living room and it is full of Erin’s clothes. He hears a noise in the basement. He thinks that it is Aiden who is trying to avoid work. He goes to check and finds that it is Erin. She tells him that she is trying to look for a place where she can change the next time. Josh tells her that he will get her a storage unit next to Nora. Erin thinks that changing in the woods is a better idea. But Josh says no because she could get killed or could kill someone else. He then tells her to respect people’s privacy and try not leaving her clothes all over the living room. At work, Sally tells Max that she cannot see her brother for a while and so she wants to live with him for a day or two.

Max is upset about the fact that she can share everything with her roommates but not him. He tells her that he wants to know why she is so freaked out about going out. He says that they could never have a life this way. Sally promises him that it will get better with time. At the hospital, Kenny still has a lot of questions for Aiden. Aiden tells him that he is a vampire and he is around 260 years old. Aiden draws some blood and Kenny tells him to draw some extra for himself. He tells him that he has never had too many friends and he wouldn’t like to lose one just because his friend was too proud to accept a favor. Aiden draws some extra blood. Kenny then wants to know about how he turned into a vampire. Aiden tells him the story of how he was turned; it happened during the Revolutionary War.

Aiden was just a soldier; but he comes across Bishop who was feeding on some soldiers. He follows Bishop and Bishop gives him a choice between death and everlasting life. Aiden chooses to die rather than turn. But then Bishop tells him that all his fellow soldiers will die along with him. Aiden then decides to let Bishop turn him and in return asks him to leave his fellow soldiers alone. Next, Sally is walking on the street wearing a hoodie. She runs into Robbie. She is totally petrified and Robbie is confused. She tells him that she will see him later and rushes away from him. She tells Josh what happened and they go looking for Donna. At the hospital, Kenny tells Aiden that he wants Aiden to turn him.

Aiden tells him he doesn’t know what he is asking for. Cut to flashback, after waking up with heightened senses, Aiden tries to walk back to his camp. But Bishop stops him. Aiden pushes him away and walks to the camp. Bishop tells him that he will never find friends; only food. Aiden then meets his good friend hunting for dinner Aiden kills his friend and feeds on him even before he realizes what happened. Next, Sally and Josh arrive to meet Donna. She wants her to do something about the spell and stop her brother’s death. Donna tells her that she cannot do anything. Sally tries to threaten her. But Donna uses her powers to bind Josh and Sally and she also cuts off Sally’s breath. Later, Donna releases the two of them and Sally begs her to change the spell.

Donna tells her that there is one thing that can be done; she tells Sally that Sally can live a normal life without killing the people she knew. But when she dies, Donna will get her soul. Josh doesn’t agree to this; but Sally agrees. Sally wants to know what Donna would do with her soul; and Donna tells her that she has lost the right to know about it. Later, Sally meets Robbie and sees that he is fine. He was feeling unwell earlier but now he is fine. She realizes that he has been kicked out by his father and that he tried to scam money from Josh and Aiden. Robbie tells her that he is going to Florida. She gives him some money and he leaves. At the hospital, Kenny tells Aiden that he wants him to turn him into a vampire.

He tells Aiden that the next year he will be 18 and then he will get out of the hospital; even if it kills him. Sally arrives at the funeral home and tells Max to give her one more chance. She tells him that she wouldn’t act crazy like always and that he can take her out wherever he wants. Max agrees to give their relationship one more chance; they kiss. Josh arrives home and sees that Erin has cleaned up. He leaves again and Erin quickly wakes up and texts someone. Cut to flashback, we see McLean telling Erin that she is family now and that he wants her to contaminate Aiden’s supply with her werewolf blood and then inform him.

Erin draws her blood and contaminates Aiden’s supply. Aiden arrives and drinks the blood that he stored in the fridge. Erin calls McLean and asks him to come soon. Josh is on his way back home from the grocery store. Aiden feels drowsy and he chokes. His eyes and nose are bleeding. He falls on to the floor. Erin stands over him with a wooden stake in her hands. The episode ends.