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One Is Silver and the Other Pagan - Recap

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The episode begins with Aiden lying on the floor; his eyes and nose bleeding and Erin standing over him with the wooden stake. McLean is driving to the house; but when he sees that Josh is about to enter the house, he keeps driving. Aiden, with whatever energy he has left in him, pushes Erin away from him. Erin passes out. Josh arrives and finds Erin unconscious. He then looks at his friend who is also in a bad shape. Next, Erin is at the hospital and she is still unconscious. Josh is worried that her blood has been taken for testing and he hopes that it comes back human. He then asks Aiden what happened.

Aiden tells Josh that his supplies were spiked with werewolf blood. This morning after he drank the vile, he found himself choking and bleeding from everywhere. He then tells him that Erin came at him with a wooden stake. Josh is shocked because he knows that Erin has always liked Aiden more than him. Nora arrives and she loses it on Aiden. She tells him that if she doesn’t make it through, he will have to answer to her. Sally goes to meet her friend, Bridget, who can see ghosts. She is the first one who could hear Sally and also feel her. Sally learns that Bridget has joined a Wiccan group, in an attempt to connect to the other world. She wants Sally to come with her to one of the sessions and Sally refuses. Sally tells her that she is dealing with a lot at the moment.

Bridget asks her if she is a zombie. She then tells Sally that this group is her new life and wants Sally to be a part of it. Sally reluctantly agrees to go for the session with her. At the hospital, Josh tells Nora what happened at home. He feels that McLean is behind all this. Nora is still not too convinced. She wonders what Josh would do if there will come a time when he has to choose between her and Aiden. Meanwhile, Aiden goes to check on Kenny and sees a woman drawing blood from him. He asks her for some identification. She tells him that her name is Blake and Aiden realizes that she is a vampire. She tells him that she followed him to the hospital and that is how she learned about Kenny.

She also tells him about the deal she struck with Kenny; Kenny would let her feed on him till he is 18 and in turn, she will turn him into a vampire. Aiden is against it and tells Kenny that he doesn’t know what he is asking for. Kenny tells Aiden that he doesn’t want to live like this. Aiden follows Blake to the hallway and tells her to stay away from Kenny. Next, Kat arrives to meet Nora at home. But Aiden tells her that Nora is at the hospital. Kat seems slightly irritated because she left 13 voice messages for Nora and Nora hasn’t replied. She tells Aiden that the pipe under her sink burst, and she is having a hard time fixing it. Aiden offers to help. Next, Josh meets McLean outside the hospital and he says that he knows that McLean was behind all this.

He also knows that he will never be able to prove it. He tells McLean that he will do anything to protect his family and Aiden is family. He warns McLean to stay away from all of them. Emily, Josh’s sister, arrives to meet Nora at the hospital. Nora and Emily were supposed to have lunch together; but they had to cancel it because of what happened. Josh tells Emily that he really likes Nora and he also wants her to like Nora. Emily realizes that Josh is going to propose Nora. Aiden manages to fix the pipe and Kat thanks him. They flirt a bit. They then realize that they have a common liking for American history. There is more flirtation. They then get a little uncomfortable and Aiden quickly leaves. Next, Aiden arrives to meet Kenny and sees that he is weak. Kenny tells him that Blake just left. Aiden goes after Blake and tells her to stop what she is doing to Kenny. Blake is young and very hungry.

She asks him to help her. She feels that they could help their own kind and become powerful enough to run Boston. Aiden tells her that he once did run Boston and it wasn’t that great. Aiden then goes to see Erin and finds Kat waiting outside the room. She has come to meet Nora. Kat is surprised to learn that Aiden is a male nurse. She has brought some food and cookies for Nora. Nora arrives and gets a little uncomfortable to see Aiden with Kat. After Kat leaves, Nora warns Aiden to stay away from Kat and Erin. Later, Aiden visits Kenny and Kenny tells him that Blake scares him. Meanwhile, we see that the nurse and guard stop Blake on her way out and they check her credentials. She is tossed out of the hospital. Aiden explains to Kenny that there is a weird bond that a vampire shares with his maker and he does not want Kenny to be bound with Blake for eternity.

Kenny says that he wants to get out of the hospital and Blake is his only choice. Sally goes with Bridget to meet the High Priestess who is planning to contact Joey’s spirit. Joey’s wife Beth is present in group. Sally sees two ghosts appear but neither of them is Joey. They start talking about the women in the room and one of them enters Bridget. Sally talks to Roger who has possessed Bridget and tells him to get the hell out of there. She then shreds Roger. On seeing this, the other ghost scoots out. Everyone in the room is confused. Next, Blake manages to get through the security and is about to enter Kenny’s room. Aiden stops her and tells her to leave Kenny alone since he has agreed to turn Kenny. Blake is angry. She tells him that she thought that he wasn’t interested in fathering any more sons.

He tells her that he will do whatever it takes to protect Kenny from her. Later, Aiden goes to Kat’s place and asks her out on a date. She agrees. At home, Josh tells Nora that Aiden is like a brother to him; but if it comes to choosing between her and Aiden, he will always choose her. They hug. Next, McLean arrives to meet Erin and tells her that her effort is not in vain. He then takes a pillow, puts it on her face and suffocates her to death. He quickly leaves without being seen. At home, Sally tells Bridget that during the sessions, the ghosts possessed her body. So, she advises her to stop being involved with the Wiccan group. She tells Bridget to forget about the ghosts and move on with her life. She gives Bridget her amulet and asks her to wear it every day. Next, Josh and Nora arrive to meet Erin and learn that she is dead.

Nora is shattered. Aiden, who is halfway down the hallway, realizes what happened and looks confused. McLean follows Blake and is about to kill her. She tells him that she knows a purebred and hopes that they meet in a dark alley. McLean lets hers go. At home, Sally combs her hair and finds huge clumps coming out. She then notices a patch without any hair. She screams. The episode ends.