Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland - Recap

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The episode begins with Aiden leaving for work and Josh tells him that he hasn’t seen him for days. Aiden tells him that he is doing double shifts to stay away from Nora. He then asks Josh if Nora told Liam about Connor. Josh tells him that Nora would never rat him out. He tells him that he will talk to Nora and things will be back to normal. Later, Josh is about to make some sandwiches and he is accompanied by the ghosts of the two girls who Aiden killed. Nora sees the ghosts and tells Josh about them. Josh knows who they are. Nora is pissed. Josh tries to defend Aiden. Nora then picks up a frying pan and shreds the ghosts.

Sally arrives and tells them to keep the ghosts out of her room. That is when Nora learns that Aiden killed them in the house. Sally reminds them that she too died in the same house. Nora blames Aiden for what happened to Erin and Josh tells her that Liam might have pushed Erin to kill Aiden. Sally goes upstairs to check on her lair and it has worsened. The two ghosts are present in the bathroom now and Sally asks them to leave. Next, Nora meets Liam and Liam gives her wolfbane to ease her pain. He then talks to Nora about Erin. Liam then tries to wash off his guilt by telling Nora that he was not there for his twins when they needed him the most. Nora tells him that they were adults and that he could not be with them always. Liam walks away and Nora is in tears.

At the hospital, Aiden and Nora run into each other and Nora looks furious. Aiden tells her that they should try to get along for Josh’s sake. He then brings up Bryn’s death and Nora thinks that Josh told Aiden about Bryn. She then tells Aiden that she did what she had to, to defend herself. Aiden is about to argue, but lets it go. Later, Aiden goes to meet Kat and cancels their date. He tells her that dating a roommate’s friend could be complicated. Kat refuses to cancel their date. Next, Sally goes to meet Nick and shows him the rot spot on her scalp. She asks him if he is facing a similar problem and he says that he isn’t. Sally is upset. After she leaves, Nick lifts up his shirt and we see a rot spot on his abdomen. Josh and Nora are looking at a house that they cannot afford.

Josh decides to propose because he doesn’t want to wait any more. Nora tearfully accepts. Sally arrives at the funeral home and sees Max applying some makeup and putty to cover up the irregularities on a dead body. She has a lot of questions for him about this product and Max looks slightly surprised. Next, Aiden is with Kat in the school corridor and Liam arrives with two of his men. Aiden asks Kat to leave and tells her that he will call. Liam and his men escort Aiden. Later, we see that Liam has tied up Aiden to some torturous device and he asks him about Bryn. Aiden is screaming in pain but he doesn’t give up Nora’s name. Liam continues to torture Aiden. At the funeral home, Sally is trying to steal some makeup and Max walks in on her. Sally tries to cover up and Max loses his cool.

Max wants to know what it is that she is trying to hide. Sally finally tells him that she is a re-animated corpse. Max thinks that she is on some kind of meds or that she needs some help. Sally tells him that she is telling him the truth and now she thinks that she is dying. She then shows him the rotting patch and tells him that she is decomposing. Max is all lost and confused. He thinks that Sally is a non-flesh eating, super articulate zombie. Sally tries to talk to him further, but he walks away. Cut to Nick, we see that there is a cat at his door and he talks sweetly to the stray cat he is feeding. Next, Kat calls Josh and asks if Aiden is at home because he is not answering his phone.

She then tells Josh that she thinks that Aiden is in some kind of trouble and tells him about the men who Aiden went with. She tells him that one of them was Connor’s father. Josh realizes what has happened and quickly hangs up the phone. Josh calls Nora and asks her where Liam stayed. He then packs some weapons and leaves. On reaching the house, Josh takes down one of the guards. Liam is still torturing Aiden and this time he is hitting him with a large hammer. Aiden tells him that he doesn’t know what happened to his daughter. Liam pulls out a vile of infected blood and transfers it into a syringe. He tells him that his end would come when the sores would break open and the fever will burn his bones.

Josh arrives and hears Aiden telling Liam that he killed Bryn. Liam jabs the syringe into Aiden’s shoulder and Josh shoots him. Liam is turning into a wolf and Josh tries to free Aiden from the device. Aiden tells Josh to leave. Josh is able to free Aiden and he fires shots at the wolf, but he runs out of bullets. They make it for the door. Aiden goes out first and the wolf charges at Josh. Josh stabs the wolf in the eye but the wolf ends up scratching Josh. Josh quickly shuts the door and locks the wolf in the basement. Next, Max arrives to meet Sally. He apologizes for the way he behaved earlier. He has brought a lot of embalming fluid and makeup with him and he thinks that he can fix the spot. Sally reminds him that she has no clue what the long term prognosis on the spot is going to be.

He tells her that she will still be the girl he fell for. He begins to fix the spot. Nick is cleaning up the blood from the cat. He then checks on the rot spot and we see that it is gone. Next, Josh asks Aiden why he lied to Liam that he killed Bryn. Aiden tells him that he wanted to right all the wrongs he did. He tells him that he did this for him and Nora. Josh is surprised that Aiden knew that Nora killed Bryn. They then enter the house and find Max. Josh asks Sally to get rid of him. Max wants to know what is going on and Sally tells him that she cannot share some secrets with him. Max is furious and leaves. Sally then goes into the kitchen and finds Aiden bandaging Josh’s wounds. Josh tells Sally that he got scratched and that on the next full moon he is going to turn into a wolf. Sally tells them that they can deal with it.

They then notice a black patch on Aiden’s hand and Josh is surprised that the virus acted so fast. Sally hopes that this can be stopped and Aiden tells her that nothing can stop it. Sally tells them that they will find a way for all of them. Later, after Josh and Aiden go off to sleep, Sally goes to the fridge to get more food. Her appetite is growing stronger. She then pulls out a tray of raw meat and starts eating it. She finally seems satisfied. The episode ends.