Of Mice and Wolfmen - Recap

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The episode begins with Aiden dreaming about the time when he left his wife and son to fight the Revolutionary War. Aiden wakes up and finds Josh sitting next to him. Sally arrives with food for Josh and clean blood for Aiden. Aiden then gets ready to leave for work because he doesn’t want to spend his last few days moping around in the basement. Josh tells him that patients wouldn’t be comfortable being treated by someone with lesions on his face. Aiden notices the them which have been caused by the infected blood that McLean injected in him. Sally tells Aiden that she can help him hide the lesions. Josh calls Nora. Nora wakes up naked in the woods.

She gets dressed and is about to leave, when she comes across a naked older man. She learns that they spent a part of the night together as wolves. Sally is applying makeup on Aiden’s face to make him look acceptable to normal public. Aiden thanks her and leaves. Sally then checks her breath and it is stinking. She quickly brushes her teeth and jabs her cheek with her toothbrush. She is shocked to see that the toothbrush bores a hole in her cheek and her tooth falls of. She panics. In the woods, Nora spends some time talking to the older wolf and learns that he lives in a trailer. Aiden arrives at the hospital and Kenny realizes that he got the virus. Aiden tells Kenny that he will not be able to keep his end of the bargain because he fears that he would infect Kenny as well.

Kenny begs Aiden to turn him, but Aiden walks away. At home, Sally is hungry again and this time she picks up a mouse and shoves it down her throat. Josh arrives and finds Sally setting a mouse trap. Josh asks her about the band aid on her cheeks. Sally quickly leaves without saying anything. Nora arrives and talks to Josh. Josh tells her that Liam scratched him. Nora begins to blame Aiden once again, but Josh stops her and tells her that Aiden told Liam that he is the one who killed Bryn. He did this to protect Nora. Sally checks her cheek and sees that it is back to normal and so is the rot spot on her head. She realizes that this is because she ate the mouse.

Nora arrives to meet Aiden and tells him that she knows what he told Liam. She tells him to go home and spend some time with his friends Josh and Sally. Josh is tending to his wounds and he is angry. Aiden thinks about the old days he spent with his friends. He then remembers the time when his wife found him drinking chicken blood and when he told her that he is “not quite alive”. Just then, Aiden sees Blake standing outside his window. She tells him that Kenny called her and he wanted to re-negotiate the terms. She makes fun of Aiden and when Aiden tries to stop her from going to Kenny, she pushes him away and Aiden falls on the ground.

Next, Sally and Zoe take a walk and Zoe tells her that she feels that Nick is acting strange. She says that that he is always at home and doesn’t interact with anyone. Zoe then tells Sally that Nick bit her and not in a sexy way. He broke her skin. She also tells Sally that she finds Nick staring at her all the time and not in a sexy way and now she is scared. Sally looks worried. Next, Nora arrives home with Kat and Aiden is happy to see her. Kat tells him that she was worried about him and that she wants to know what is going on with him, but before he could say anything, Aiden collapses. Later, Aiden hallucinates talking to his wife. He remembers the time when his wife offered her blood to save him when he was ailing.

Aiden wakes up and finds Kat sitting beside him. Josh arrives and tells Kat that they need to take care of Aiden. Kat leaves. Next, Sally talks to Nick and tells him that she ate a mouse. He is relieved and Sally is shocked by his reaction. He then tells her that humans eat animals all the time and in their case the only thing is that they need to eat them fresh. He says that he has got a second chance and he is not letting it go. Next, Josh and Nora are home, spending some time together when Pete, the naked man in the woods, arrives with some chili and wine. Josh wonders as to why Nora has to befriend some stray wolf always. Nora assures him that Pete is not like Liam.

Sally is standing in front of a pet store and she looks at the mice, then cats, dogs and then she isn’t able to control her urge for bigger living beings. She sees a child walk out of the store and she quickly leaves. Next, Pete and Nora are at the table and Josh arrives. He thanks Pete for the tea he made for Aiden. Aiden is now able to rest. Josh is surprised to learn that Pete had a lot of vampire friends. Pete tells him that not all of them are haters. Josh and Nora then learn that Pete is only 39 but he looks way older. He says that it is wear and tear. He says that he got in touch with his wolf and made peace with him. He also named him Gordon. Josh is surprised that this is possible.

Pete tells them that they should meditate and maybe they too will be able to get in touch with their wolves. The three begin to meditate and Josh is transported into the woods. He does not see his wolf but he can sense that he is somewhere around. Later, Pete asks Josh what he saw and Josh tells him that he was in the woods and saw nothing. Pete explains that his wolf is scared of him because all this while, Josh has been trying to kill it and so now he is scared. Upstairs, Aiden is hallucinating about his wife and the way she accepted him after he turned. He begins to convulse. Josh and Sally try to hold him down. Aiden’s eyes and mouth are filled with blood.

The next morning, an excited Josh brings Nora to Aiden’s room. Aiden is absolutely fine and they all think it is a miracle. They ponder over what might have happened and they infer that Aiden recovered because of the werewolf blood. Aiden tells them that seizure is not a part of the infection and that the last two times he seized was after drinking Josh’s blood and the blood that Erin spiked. So, the werewolf blood is the cure. Aiden also knows that if this gets out, then all the werewolves would be in danger. Josh and Nora promise to keep Liam away from Aiden. Aiden goes to the hospital and tells Kenny that their deal is on. He wants Kenny to make a call for him.

Later, we see that Aiden meets Blake. He tells her that he will tell her the cure if she agrees to his conditions. He tells her that he wants her to stay away from Kenny. He tells her that werewolf blood is the antidote, but he also tells her that his friends Josh and Nora are off limits. He threatens her by saying that if he hears or suspects any vampire sniffing around his friends, he will rip her head off. Blake agrees. She wonders why he told her about the cure and he tells her that it is a part of the natural order. He then sees one of Liam’s men keeping a watch on him and then he quickly drives away. Aiden signals Blake. At home, Sally tells Aiden that she ate a mouse.

She tells Aiden that she was falling apart and eating a living thing actually helped her. She also says that she is not going to do it anymore. She says that she knows that small beings would not be able to satisfy her hunger and she doesn’t want to go down the slippery slope. She says that she will let herself “fall apart” and die when the time comes. Next, Aiden goes to meet Kat and he kisses her in the hallway. Blake is waiting for Liam’s man who was keeping an eye on Aiden.

The guy has a wooden stake in his hand, but just then he sees that he is surrounded by a lot of vampires and all of them attack him and drink from the wolf. Josh meditates once again and this time he sees his wolf. He thinks that his wolf is handsome. Josh is happy. Zoe arrives home and finds Nick eating a dog. Nick is shocked and tells Zoe that it is okay. He tells her that he just has to eat and that he is still hungry. He lunges at Zoe. The episode ends.