For Those About to Rot - Recap

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The episode begins with a naked Josh wandering through the forest, trying to meet his wolf. He sees him and tries to talk to him, but the wolf runs away. Josh comes out of the meditative state and tells Pete that this attempt was a failure. Peter offers him tea and cookies. Aiden is lying next to a trash can and he dreams of the time when his wife was giving birth and how they had lost their son during childbirth. Aiden wakes up and is surprised to find himself in the trash can.

He walks back home. Sally is awake and she asks him why he is walking without shoes. She also points out that he smells. She thinks it was a bender, but he tells her that he had just one bag of blood and went to sleep. Sally has a theory. She thinks he is backed up and it has been a while since he had sex and that it is his subconscious mind that is taking him out at night, looking for love. Aiden admits that his relationship with Kat isn’t sexual, yet. He says that this is just their second date and maybe she wants to take it slow. Sally continues to mock him and he leaves for a shower. We see that Sally is beginning to rot again.

The phone rings and Sally answers it. It is Zoe and Sally appears shocked. Cut to Nick’s house, where Nick is lying dead on the floor and Zoe tells Sally that she did not know what to do. She tells her that Nick attacked her and so she hit him with a baseball bat. Nick’s ghost appears and tells Zoe that it is okay and that she was only trying to protect herself. He tells her that he would have hurt her and Sally too will eventually become dangerous. Sally tries to deny it, but Nick points out that it is the fact. He says that he is worried about Sally hurting Zoe. At that moment, Nick’s door appears. He once again warns Zoe to stay away from Sally and leaves. Zoe asks Sally to leave. Sally asks her what she is going to do about the body.

Next, we see that Josh and Sally are burying Nick’s body. Josh now knows the reason behind Nick’s death and asks Sally if she too craves for flesh. She tells him that she has eaten smaller animals like mice, but she also says that she has stopped it because her cravings will only increase. She then remembers about Stevie, their other friend who was also reanimated with her and Nick. Next, back during the revolutionary time, Aiden is in the church with his wife. The preacher mentions Aiden and his wife losing their child. Aiden is angry that the preacher made their private problems public.

In the present, Aiden is with Kat in the library and she shows him a book written by Edmund Waite. He tells Kat that he was his great great grandfather. This is an awkward moment and it gets interrupted by Jeff arriving at the library. Jeff is Kat’s ex and he is with a young girl. Kat tells Aiden that Jeff was her professor. Next, Sally and Josh arrive at Stevie’s house. Sally finds it stupid that they walk up to Stevie’s parents and tell them that their son is a zombie! Josh tells her that they have to do it to save the parents lives.

They knock at the door and are surprised to see Stevie open the door. Sally mentions that “he is looking good”. Stevie tells them that his parents have gone to the lake house for a week and while they are gone, he is hiding in this house. He tells them about the several failed attempts where he tried to make a living. Sally tells him that he doesn’t have a week and that he should come with them.

Next, Kat and Aiden are at Kat’s place having a drink. She tells him that Jeff was married and already had two children and that he would always tell her about starting a family. Then one day, he told her that he doesn’t want any more children and that marriage was overrated. Kat tells Aiden that she then packed up and moved out. She says that one day she wants to have a family. She suddenly realizes that this is definitely not “second date conversation material”. Aiden tells her that he too loves children, but he cannot produce any of his own.

He then thinks of the time when the Reverend visits Aiden and his wife and asks why they aren’t attending the weekly services. Aiden tells him that he doesn’t like his preaching. The Reverend tells Aiden that his thoughts are ungodly. Aiden loses it and punches the Reverend and warns him to never come back. In the present, Sally is still trying to convince Stevie to come and live with her. Stevie refuses and tells her that they have a full house and the worse things happen to them. Sally tells Stevie that he is extremely dangerous. She then tells him that Nick is dead and points out to the rotting flesh on her forehead. Josh is wandering around the house and he gets a strange smell. He follows the smell and finds an arm in the kitchen closet. He calls out to Stevie.

Stevie and Sally arrive in the kitchen and Josh questions him about the arm. Stevie admits that he has already eaten his parents and that arm belonged to the mailman. Josh and Sally are shocked. Sally tells him that he should come with them. Stevie tells them that there is no “going back home” for him. He begs them to help him end his life. He tells them that every time he tried to kill himself, he is reminded of the limbo and he is unable to kill himself. Josh tries to console him, but Stevie ends up trying to feed on Josh. Josh throws him to the ground and Stevie once again begs Josh to help him put an end to his misery. Josh asks Sally to leave the room. Sally thinks he is out of his mind. Josh tells her that he is the one who brought her back and now he needs to deal with the consequences. She reluctantly leaves.

Later, Josh comes out of the room and tells her that it is done. Sally thinks that she is going to be next. Josh assures her that she is not like Nick and Stevie and that they will find a way to save her. Stevie’s ghost appears and thanks Sally for all her help. His door appears. Stevie walks through that door. Sally notices the clam shell on the door and she remembers that she had seen one on Nick’s door as well. She tries to stop him, but it is too late. Stevie has already gone on to the other side. She tells Josh that she senses something really wrong. Next, Aiden is about to leave and Kat kisses him. Aiden responds to the kiss, but when he kisses her neck, his fangs are about to pop out. He quickly frees himself from the embrace and tells her that may be they should wait it out a bit. He leaves.

Outside, he removes a bag of blood from his bag pack and drinks it. He returns to Kat and they make out. At Stevie’s house, Josh is wiping off his fingerprints. Sally tells him that her clock is ticking. She tells Josh that she wants to eat that arm in the closet. She thinks that all of them are in trouble with her around. Next, three vampires, attack Pete in his trailer and drink his blood. Josh arrives and the vampires grab him as well, but when Pete says Josh’s name, they stop because they know that Josh and his girlfriend are off limits. They throw Josh out of the trailer.

Next, we see the flashback, where Aiden’s wife is screaming in pain due to childbirth and Aiden is praying. His prayers are answered when he hears the sound of their son crying. Aiden is in tears and he thanks the Lord. Cut to the present, Aiden wakes up in an ally, looking confused. He walks towards his house. As he leaves, we see that he passes by the body of a dead man by the side of the trash cans. It is Kat’s ex; Jeff. The episode ends.