If I Only Had Raw Brain - Recap

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The episode begins with Josh and Aiden talking on the stairway. Aiden wants the names of the vampires who attacked Pete. Josh is not able to remember them. Josh also tells Aiden that he shouldn’t have told the vampires that werewolf blood could inoculate them. Aiden tells him that he was only trying to protect him and Nora. Josh understands that but he also feels that in a way he ended up siding with the vampires. Later, Aiden goes to meet Kenny and sees that Kenny is packing up to leave. He tells Aiden that he has been scheduled for a bone marrow transplant, but he doesn’t want to do it. He doesn’t want to feel sick for months. He knows that the success rate is only 25% and even if his body accepts the bone marrow, he will only live for a few years. He wants Aiden to turn him or else he will ask Blake. Aiden is left with no choice.

Later, Kenney is in a park, running around with a dog. Kenny is happy and he tells Aiden that he wants to spend one day as a “human” teenager and experience things that he won’t be able to once he is turned. Aiden agrees. At home, Sally wants Josh and Nora to lock her up. She tells them that her hunger is growing and she might end up eating them. She says that she wants them to walk down the aisle intact. She is upset that she will not be able to attend their wedding, but it is way better than snacking on them. Aiden arrives with Kenny, and Josh is confused. Aiden tells them that Kenny moved up the timeline. Surprisingly, Nora is supportive of Aiden and tells Josh that if they can use their curse to save someone’s life, they should do it. This gives Josh an idea. He calls Sally and the three of them go to find Donna. Josh is planning on killing her before Sally dies and this way Sally need not fear anything.

They arrive at the soup kitchen, but find an empty plot. They are shocked to see that an entire building disappeared. Sally feels that she is totally screwed. Josh is worried and Nora suggests that they should get married early so that Sally can attend their wedding. They go to her room to tell her, but Sally is gone. Sally is at the funeral home and she tells Max about her new craving. She tells him that she wants to eat one of the dead bodies lying in the freezer. Max is shocked, but he handles it well. He tells her that watching over the dead bodies is his responsibility and he cannot let her eat them. She understands.

At home, Josh and Nora are deciding on a honeymoon spot and Aiden arrives with Kenny. They tell Aiden that they will be getting married this Thursday so that Sally can attend. Emily, Josh’s sister arrives. Nora informed her about the wedding and she wants to take the men out to a strip club for a bachelor party. It seems that going to a strip club is the first on Kenny’s bucket list. They all leave. At home, Sally wakes up from a nightmare and finds blood on her pillow. She realizes that her back is rotting and her clock is ticking. At the strip club, Kenny is drooling over one of the strippers. Emily, who is a lesbian, tells Kenny that the stripper “plays for her team”. She then adds that half the strippers in the club are gay. Kenny is about to tell Emily about him turning into a vampire and Aiden stops him. He tells him to get some orange juice for him and Josh. He also tells him that the first rule about vampires is, not “talking about vampires”. He leaves.

Josh and Aiden start a serious conversation and Emily interrupts. She tells them that only “creepy” dudes come to a strip club and start a serious discussion. She tells them to stop it. Josh gets a lap dance. The lap dancer then takes Josh to a “special room”. Aiden thinks that he sees something, but he isn’t sure what. Inside the “special room” the lap dancer starts to caress Josh and runs her hands through his hair and suddenly she turns into a vampire and is about to bite him. Aiden arrives and fights her off and stakes her to death. Kenny and Emily watch all this. Emily runs off. Josh goes after her and explains everything to her. He tells her that Aiden is a vampire and he and Nora are werewolves. Emily wants to know why he is getting married. She is also upset about Aiden living with them because he is doubling all the troubles they have. She tells Josh that she is definitely not okay with Aiden because he just murdered someone or rather “something”.

At home, Kenny waits for Aiden. Aiden arrives with three bags of O-ve and a small vile of werewolf blood to keep him away from the virus. Kenny is nervous after all that he saw. He wants to know if he will be killed the same way. Aiden assures Kenny that as long as he is alive, he will do everything to protect him. Kenny is ready to be turned and Aiden bites into his neck. Later, Aiden comes upstairs and meets Josh. Josh apologizes for his behavior and tells Aiden that he should have never doubted him. He says that Kenny is really lucky to have him as his protector.

Next, Aiden goes to meet Sally and Sally tells him that her hunger is growing stronger. She wants him to kill her when the time comes because she knows that Nora and Josh wouldn’t do that. Aiden tells her that she cannot give up. He tells her that she could take help from the psychic, Alana to find Donna. She says that it won’t work. Aiden has an idea. He tells Sally to eat him. He explains that he can recover by drinking blood, and since the hospital’s security has loosened up, he wouldn’t find it difficult to get his supply. Sally snacks on him. After her meal, she goes to meet Alana. Alana was the one who guided Josh and Nora to Donna and now Sally wants her help. Sally tells her that Stevie and Nick got the same door and Alana tells her that it is not possible. She then figures out that Donna wants them to go to her somewhere in this world. She suggests that Sally should become a ghost again, confront Donna and take away her powers. She tells Sally that she is really strong since she survived an exorcism, came back from limbo and a lot of other situations were difficult to handle.

Later, Sally meets Max at the funeral home and says goodbye. Next, after being nibbled on by Sally, Aiden heads to work to find some blood. Something attacks him. “The thing” is different and really strong. A dual ensues and Aiden stakes it. Just before it is about to turn into dust, he asks him why he did this to him. At that moment, Aiden recognizes the guy. He is Jeff, Kat’s ex. At home, Josh feels bad that Emily wouldn’t be attending their wedding. Nora tries to assure him that things will be better.

Aiden arrives home and checks in on Kenny. He doesn’t remember attacking Jeff and he is totally freaked out about it. Next, Alana hears a noise and goes to check it out. A man appears and asks her questions. It is Ray, and he asks her about Sally. He wants to know what Sally told her. Alana tells him that Sally didn’t tell her anything. He tells her that Donna thinks otherwise. Alana tells him that they should leave Sally alone as they have already taken a lot from her. Ray doesn’t like it and, he breaks Alana’s neck. The episode ends.