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Always A Bridesmaid, Never Alive - Recap

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The episode begins with Sally’s body lying on Donna’s table. Sally begs her to let her go. Donna tells her that the body anyway did not belong to her. Donna plunges the knife into Sally’s heart. Sally wakes up from her nightmare. She is in tears. She picks up a note from the table and reads out some Latin incantation. Josh and Nora are getting married today and Josh is sad about the fact that Emily would not be present for their wedding. Nora tells him that Emily will find her way back into his life, just like she did the last time.

Kenny is still sleeping and Aiden is worried. He remembers the “disfigured Jeff” and wonders what he might have turned Kenny into. He chains Kenny to the bed and waits for him to wake up. Next, Nora and Josh arrive downstairs and Nora gets emotional when she sees a beautiful wedding canopy in the hall. Josh tells her that this is Aiden’s doing. They also see that Aiden is the official caterer for their wedding. The doorbell rings. It is Kat and Nora is delighted to see her. Kat tells Nora that she and Aiden were together the whole night and when she woke up in the morning, he was gone. Nora tells Kat that Aiden is a good guy and that she should give him a chance to explain.

Nora goes to check on Sally and is shocked to find Sally in really bad shape. Sally tells her that she cannot do this any longer. She is in pain. Nora tells her that she should have told one of them and Sally says that this is their wedding day and not a day where they discuss rotting flesh. Kat talks to Aiden and wants to know why he left. Aiden tells her that he freaked out because it has been a long time since he has been with someone so special like her. He wants her to be his date for the wedding. She agrees. Nora arrives and takes Aiden to the kitchen. She tells the guys about Sally’s deteriorating condition. They think they should hold off the wedding. Nora tells them that she will take care of Kat. Obviously, they cannot tell Kat about Sally and Kenny.

Next, Josh and Aiden talk to Sally and Sally has given up all hope. She knows that she cannot fight a powerful witch like Donna with only an incantation. Aiden tells her that he will go along with her because he knows that the door is a portal that will lead them to Donna and he thinks that it is somewhere in this world. Sally tries to resist but Aiden is not ready to take a no for an answer. Josh tells Nora about Aiden’s decision. She senses that Josh too wants to go with his friends. She is supportive and tells him that they will get married as soon as he comes back home. Next, Josh and Aiden wait with Sally and Nora arrives with some clothes for Sally. She tells Sally that since it is time for her to leave she will do it in style. She makes Sally try on a lot of clothes.

They finally manage to decide on one and Sally feels sick. She tells Nora that it is time. Sally has a gift for Nora. It is a “taali”. It was her grandmother’s. She explains that Indian women wear it to symbolize their marriage. She wants Nora to wear it after her wedding. Sally wants her friends to say something because she says that she never got a chance to have a deathbed the first time around. Aiden tells her that she is not dying. He says that she is going to come back to them in the form they first met her. Sally thanks her friends and tells them that she had a blast with them. She drifts off to sleep.

Moments later, Sally’s spirit moves out of her body. Nora and Aiden are glad to see her but Josh cannot. Aiden tells them that they need a weapon to fight Donna. He says that blood, nails and hair are normally used to break spells but they are going to need something more powerful. He rips Sally’s heart out of her corpse and pockets it. Everyone is shocked. The door appears and the three of them go through the door. Nora is in tears. Moments later, Josh finds himself standing in the woods facing his wolf. Aiden finds himself in the fields and hears his son calling out to him. Horror strikes them when Josh’s wolf attacks him and Aiden’s son turns into a vampire and goes for Aiden’s neck.

Aiden and Josh wake up. Sally looks around the place. They decide to call it the Thunderdome. Josh is surprised that in this dimension he can see Sally. At that moment, a voice tells Josh that he shouldn’t have come there. It is Ray. Josh tells his friends that he will deal with Ray. He tells them to go find Donna. Aiden and Sally find Donna. Donna is looking really old. Donna was expecting Josh, but she wasn’t expecting a vampire. Sally tries to use the incantation, but Donna laughs it off. Sally continues to say the incantation and Donna collapses on the floor. When she gets up, her face ages a lot. Outside, Josh and Ray end up in a fight and Ray turns into a werewolf. Ray, the wolf, leaps at Josh and Josh beheads him in one swift strike.

Inside, Donna tells Sally that she has used the true face incantation on her. She tells them that she is from the 17th century and hence she has got a couple of years over Aiden. Aiden tells Sally that Donna survives on the energy of souls. He says that she is going to eat her so that she can become young again. Sally tells Donna that she will not let that happen. Aiden throws the heart in the fire and the flames consume Donna, but Donna easily controls the fire and turns it into a ball which she throws at Sally. Sally’s spirit is in flames. Josh and Aiden are helpless.

Donna slashes Sally and consumes the ashes. Donna is young again. She mocks Aiden and Josh by telling them that Sally is the only soul that fought back. At that moment, we see a glow emitting from Donna’s body and she explodes. Aiden, Josh and Sally’s spirit are back in Sally’s room. They won. Later, the four friends are on the stairs and things are back to normal. Sally loves her bridesmaid dress, but Nora and Josh decide to postpone the wedding since the mood is a little off with all the burning and beheading. Josh promises Nora a beautiful wedding.

Emily arrives and tells Josh that she loves him and his friends. She wants to give him a chance to help her understand his new world. Josh is happy, but he tells her that they have decided to postpone the wedding. Emily does not agree to that. She says that she spent 45 minutes writing the speech and moreover, she is wearing a dress. She insists on the wedding. Next, it is wedding time and this time around, things go smoothly. They leave for their honeymoon. Inside the house, Emily blows out the candles and leaves. Sally lights them again. She is shocked that she can. Something doesn’t seem right.

Aiden walks in with Kat. He locks the door to the basement and joins Kat. In the basement, Kenny’s face is disfigured like Jeff’s from the previous episode was. Nora and Josh are in a cabin, celebrating their honeymoon. Nora goes out to get some firewood. She hears a voice. It is Liam. The episode ends.