Ruh Roh - Recap

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The episode begins with Nora talking to Liam outside her honeymoon cottage. She tells him that he is not supposed to be there. Josh joins them and asks Liam to leave. Josh tells him that they are married and have moved forward with their lives. Liam tells him that it is all the more reason that he should protect his family. He says that he has learned to accept their friendship with Aiden, but there is something they have to learn about the “cure”. Liam wants them to go someplace with him. Josh refuses and Liam pulls out a gun.

At home, Aiden and Kat are spending time together. Aiden is a little confused about Kat staying back because he knows that Sally is around. In the end, his desire gets the better off him and they start making out. Sally is in her room, talking to her corpse. Liam brings Josh and Nora to an abandoned building. He shows them a pile of bodies lying on the floor and their faces look deformed. He says that they are incubating. He explains that he was following these vampires who killed his werewolf friends for their blood. He wanted to exact revenge, but when he found this change in the vampires, he brought them here. He says that it looks like some new breed. Nora is shocked that the werewolf blood is causing this change.

At the house, Aiden is with Kat, naked. He thinks about the time he spent with his wife and son. They are hiding from people because he knows that they will find his “immortality” unnatural. He is awakened by Sally, who wants him to check on Kenny. He hears Kenny screaming and banging the basement door. He quickly puts on his clothes and goes down to the basement. He is shocked to see Kenny when he sees that his face is swollen up and pitted. His hair is scanty and he looks horrible. Kenny asks Aiden what he turned him into. Inside the building, Liam wants Josh and Nora to join the pack. Josh and Nora are against it, and Josh tells him that he would rather die than work for him. Things heat up between Liam and Josh and Nora intervenes by telling Liam that she killed Brynn.

In the basement, Kenny drinks blood out of the hospital bag and asks Aiden if he would always stay this way. Aiden has no answers for him. At that moment, they hear Kat’s scream. They rush to check on Kat. Kat is in Sally’s room, looking at her rotting corpse. She is freaking out. Aiden tries to explain, but Kat doesn’t listen to anything and leaves. Aiden is unable to do anything. Sally apologizes. In the building, Liam learns about Kenny and decides to kill him. He hands a stake to Josh and locks Josh and Nora with the “new species”. The vampires begin to wake up. One of them attacks Josh, but Josh stakes him. A woman vampire attacks Nora and she too gets staked. Josh finds a can of gasoline and he decides to burn the rest of them. At home, Aiden and Sally talk about how they always wanted to have a family. He tells her about Jeff.

At that moment, Aiden gets shot in his head and Sally screams. Liam walks in through the door and asks Aiden about his new son, Kenny. Aiden doesn’t talk and Liam shoots a few more bullets into him. He hears Kenny calling out to Aiden. Sally feels helpless. Liam drags Aiden into the basement and sees Kenny. Liam picks up a shovel and walks towards Kenny. He breaks the shovel and turns it into a wooden stake. He is about to stake Kenny and Sally screams “no”. The handle bursts into flames. Josh and Nora arrive. Liam stabs Aiden with a pipe. Josh punches Liam and Nora joins the fight. Liam bangs Nora’s head on the wall and she passes out. Liam grabs Josh by his neck. Kenny sees Nora lying on the floor and starts feeding on her. Aiden pulls Liam towards him and stakes him with the pipe. Liam turns in to a wolf and drops dead on to the floor. Josh drags Kenny away from Nora.

Later, the four of them are in the dining area. Aiden is all bandaged up, Josh is tending to Nora’s wound, Nora is drained and weak, and Sally has no idea about how she can help. Aiden says that he needs to find Kat because she had told him that she is going to find the cops. Josh asks Aiden about Kenny, and Aiden tells him that Kenny was going to kill Nora. He assures Josh that he will “take care” of Kenny. Josh feels bad and Aiden tells him that Kenny is no longer the great kid he used to be. Aiden leaves. Later, Aiden meets Blake and tells her that he wants her to erase Kat’s memory about seeing the corpse. He tells her that it would be a favor. At home, Nora knows that there is something different about Josh. She knows that he did not get to kill his maker and that he will have to live the curse. Josh accepts that he feels different.

Aiden and Blake arrive at Kat’s house. Blake poses as a cop and goes in. Aiden follows her into the house and Kat is shocked to see him. Later, Blake manages to erase Kat’s memory and reminds Aiden that he owes her one. She leaves. Kat wakes up from her sleep and Aiden is relieved to see that she doesn’t remember anything about the corpse. Next, Aiden and Kenny are walking in the woods. Kenny tells him that he wasn’t himself when he attacked Nora. Aiden is reminded of the time when the villagers killed his wife and beat him up. He tells his son, Isaac, to run. In the present, he tells Kenny to run. Kenny is confused and he runs away. Later, Aiden, Nora and Josh bury Sally’s corpse. They walk away to give her a moment alone with her corpse. Josh asks Aiden about Kenny. Aiden lies and tells them that Kenny never had a chance.

The next day, Sally and Aiden have a chat in the kitchen. They talk about the previous night being the first night Josh turned. She brings up Kat, and Aiden avoids answering. He goes out for a walk. Sally is alone at home and Donna appears. Donna tells her that she hasn’t seen people like her and her friends in a long time. Donna tells Sally that they are linked to each other. Sally tells her that she will fight back and shred her. Donna knows that and she pushes Sally down the stairs, just like her fiancé pushed her down the stairs when he killed her. Sally lands on the same spot and the floor begins to crumble under her. Sally tries to climb up the stairs, and the stairs also begin to crumble. Donna pulls her back down. They disappear, and the floor and the stairs are back to normal. It looks as if nothing happened.

Aiden is walking on the street when a cab pulls over. A pretty girl gets out of the cab and begins following him. In the woods, Nora wakes up after being a wolf all night, and calls out to Josh. She walks for a while, and hears a growl. She sees a huge wolf emerge from behind a tree. She realizes it is Josh and he has the blood of a purebred in him. She looks worried. The season ends.