Season 2

14 :02x01 - Love Blurts

Veridian calculates who in the company is genetically compatible with in the hopes they'll breed better children and reduce health care costs. Linda and Ted vow not to give in but soon discover their perfect mates are... perfect. Meanwhile, Veronica wants Lem's perfect sperm, and Phil discovers the company wants him to have a vasectomy.
Guest Stars: Taye Diggs as Greg | Virginia Williams as Danielle |
Co-Guest Stars: Rachel Andersen as Receptionist
Director: Michael Fresco

15 :02x02 - The Lawyer, The Lemur and the Little Listener

Veronica discovers that Rose knows all about company layoffs, thanks to her friends in her aftercare group. However, Ted becomes increasingly uncomfortable when Veronica uses the information to save her workers. Meanwhile, Linda tries to publish her first children's book but discovers she's unconsciously based her lemur character on Phil, and Lem discovers he has to pay by the hour to have sex with a company lawyer during business hours.
Guest Stars: Terry Rhoads as Chet |
Co-Guest Stars: Chelsey Crisp as Nadine (Nadine Webson) | Christopher Hoffman as Jeffrey (Jeffrey Bouchard) | Matt Miller (1) as Bert | Brandon Molale as Extraction Guy #1
Director: Chris Koch
Writer: Tim Doyle

16 :02x03 - Battle of the Bulbs

Dr. Bhamba has an affair with Lem's mother Stella, a famous physicist who dislikes her son for selling out. While Lem deals with his issue, Ted has some issues of his own when the company overlooks him and embraces Linda's improvement on his long-lived long-life light bulb project.
Guest Stars: Maz Jobrani as Dr. Bhamba | Terry Rhoads as Chet | Khandi Alexander as Stella Clifton |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Siegel as Executive #1 | Jess Henecke as Guy (as Jesse Henecke)
Director: Marc Buckland

17 :02x04 - It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal

Ted reluctantly gets involved when Veronica loses sleep because of her boyfriend Mordor's energetic sex drive. Meanwhile, Lem gets a unique red lab coat and he and Phil try to puzzle out what it means... unaware that it means nothing.
Guest Stars: Mark Deklin as Mordor |
Co-Guest Stars: Carla Jimenez as Patricia | Gary Rubenstein as Dr. Rosenbaum | Bill Stevenson as Lonny
Director: Marc Buckland

18 :02x05 - The Great Repression

Cubicle worker Sheila mistakes Linda's comforting hug as sexual harassment, and files a lawsuit. When Ted tries to explain, things go badly and Sheila accuses him of sexual harassment as well. Veronica convinces the company to identify sexual harassment as a disease, but Ted and Linda refuse to be "treated." Meanwhile, Phil and Lem discover that retired robots are not sent to Veridian's "robot farm," and try to save a longtime working associate.
Guest Stars: Merrin Dungey as Sheila | Jennifer Irwin as Denise |
Co-Guest Stars: Jake Dogias as Alvin | Jerry Kernion as Keith | Zaid Farid as Steve | Christina Ferraro as Gail | Kristi Clainos as Erica | Wilmer Calderon as Carlos
Director: Reginald Hudlin

19 :02x06 - Beating a Dead Workforce

After an employee drops dead during a sleep system project on a tight deadline, Veridian uses his sacrifice to push everyone else to work harder. Ted objects when he realizes they're going to be working 14-hour days even after the current project wraps up. Linda decides to live in the moment, and Lem discovers that everyone thinks he was a friend of the dead man and decides to enjoy the attention.
Guest Stars: Merrin Dungey as Sheila |
Co-Guest Stars: Brad Raider as Perry | Warren Sweeney as Gordon Jenkins | Graham Norris as Johnny | Ed Hopkins as Narrator
Director: Marc Buckland

20 :02x07 - Change We Can't Believe In

Ted has to deal with Ryan, an overly talkative security guard who won't leave Ted alone. Meanwhile, Phil and Lem are forced to work with Veronica directly for the first time, and Linda tries to befriend a co-worker who thinks she's needy.
Guest Stars: Chip Chinery as Ryan | Jeff Doucette as Mr. Krebs |
Co-Guest Stars: Lydia Blanco as Sarah
Songs: Sonny & Cher -- I Got You Babe

21 :02x08 - The Impertence of Communicationizing

Veridian inadvertently puts out a memo telling employees "now" to use offensive language. Chaos reigns while Ted decides to loosen up his image, Veronica feels guilty that she won a promotion over a typo, and Phil asks Lem to tutor him in the fine art of insults.
Guest Stars: Chris Parnell as Walter (Walter Palmer) | Patricia Belcher as Janet (Janet S. Crotum) |
Co-Guest Stars: Vivian Bang as Debbie | Jake Dogias as Alvin (Alvin Pudburger) | Richard Robichaux as Mark | Malcolm Foster Smith as Water Guy
Director: Michael Fresco

22 :02x09 - The Long and Winding High Road

Ted goes head-to-head with Pete, the leader of the Veridian's other development team, when they both are assigned to develop a magnetic levitation belt. Ted wants to take the high road, but Pete has no such concerns... and neither does Veronica, who recruits Linda and Rose. Meanwhile, Phil and Lem break the lab thermostat, but can't admit it without being penalized by the company.
Guest Stars: Kyle Bornheimer as Pete (Pete Gilroy) | Terry Rhoads as Chet |
Co-Guest Stars: Carla Jimenez as Patricia | Martha Boles as Lisa | Leanne Wilson as Kathleen | Omi Vaidya as William
Director: Michael Spiller

23 :02x10 - Lust in Translation

Ted tries to woo a German executive, but she insists on talking... and the only translator device available uses Phil's voice. Meanwhile, Phil and Lem wonder if they're really evil scientists, and Veronica is infuriated when she can't win a bagel-tossing game against Linda.
Guest Stars: Stefanie von Pfetten as Greta (Greta Schultz) |
Co-Guest Stars: Rizwan Manji as Rick | Stefan Marks as Brett | John Hans Tester as Hans (Hans Mueller) | Jeffrey Anthony as Carl (Carl Hoffman)

24 :02x11 - Mess of a Salesman

Ted makes the mistake of landing his lackadaisical brother Billy a job with Veridian's lab supply company. While Billy convinces Leb and Phil to buy lab equipment they don't need, Veronica unexpectedly embraces a charity program for girls.
Guest Stars: Eddie McClintock as Billy | Rick Hoffman as Mr. Page |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Stevenson as Lonnie | Stefan Marks as Brett (Brett Fleming) | Shirley Jordan as Mrs. Boudreaux | Glenn Taranto as Lou
Director: Marc Buckland
Writer: Tim Doyle

25 :02x12 - It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To

Veronica is suspicious that Ted might be using his daughter to bond with the boss in an effort to advance his career. Meanwhile, Phil and Lem tentatively start a friendship with Linda.
Guest Stars: Terry Rhoads as Chet |
Co-Guest Stars: Callie Thompson as Olivia | Danielle Soibelman as Hannah | Kaelyn Raye Lustig as Ava | Larry Udy as Man | Claudia Choi as Employee
Director: Michael Spiller

26 :02x13 - Swag the Dog

Phil and Lem embark on a quest to gain respect around the office, Veronica goes on a reluctant treasure hunt inside the Veridian building, and Ted has to confront rumors of staff favoritism.
Guest Stars: Merrin Dungey as Sheila | Terry Rhoads as Chet | Dakin Matthews as Arthur Wells |
Co-Guest Stars: Rachelle Wood as Susan | Donald Li as Asian Man | Bill Stevenson as Lonnie | Adam Harrington as Jimmy | Richard Robichaux as Ritchie
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 18, 2009
Ended: January 26, 2010
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