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Goodbye Mr. Chips - Recap

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Veridian Dynamics screw up Ted’s ID badge, identifying him as “Ted Chips.” He runs into Linda, who is busy throwing crash dummies out of the 20th story window to keep sane. Ignoring Linda’s advice to make a fake ID, Ted insists on following the rules and goes to HR. However, Janet the HR Representative accidentally deletes him from the system. He’s no longer able to get into the lab to lead his team on the jet pack project that’s due for completion in 48 hour. Linda tries to get things under control but the researchers panic. Ted tries to get Veronica to help him, but she explains that Veridian would have to reboot the worldwide system to reestablish his computer ID, and it would cost too much money. She takes command of the situation… by putting Linda in command of the situation.

After Ted discovers that his office has been give to someone else, he goes back to HR and comes up with a plan: he’ll apply as a new employee so that he can get rehired and reinserted into the system. Meanwhile, Linda doesn’t have any luck getting Ted’s team to listen to her. She goes to Ted for advice, and he tells her she should communicate with her tone because nobody listens to words. Ted then reapplies for his job, only to discover that he’s going to have to go through the whole humiliating reapplication process, because Veronica insists on following the rules. Worse, the system thinks his job is now open so he has to compete with the other applicants. An angry Ted storms out.

Linda manages to convince the team to follow her… to Ted’s apartment. Linda says they’re there for themselves, not the company, and they need his help. They figure they can crash the mainframe with a virus, forcing Veridian to reboot the computer. When Rose points out that her father has always told her not to break the rules, Ted sends her to use her beds and then uses her toys to set up an elaborate plan to break into the computer lab and enter the virus.

Ted and Linda go in to steal a security guard’s badge to gain access. Linda distracts Ryan with her breasts while Ted grabs the card. Dr. Bhamba disrupts the security camera and Patricia covers the elevator in yellow do-not-enter tape. However, as Ted meets with Phil and Lem to enter the computer lab, Security arrives and captures them all.

The team is taken to Veronica, who is just coming out of a meeting with her boss, Chet. She dresses them down and explains that all the security badges have a tracking system, which allowed Security to find the team. She says their plan to confuse the computer into rebooting would never have worked, then demotes them all and blames it on Ted.

As Lem prepares to test the jet pack by entering orbit, Veronica arrives to give him a parachute pack. However, it’s not a parachute pack. Chad has told her to replace Ted with a younger and cheaper new hire. Refusing to lose Ted, Veronica steals 75 security badges as possible, puts them in the parachute pack, and gives them to Lem. When he flies up, the Veridian computer thinks 75 employees have flown into outer space and shuts down, confused. The company reboots the computer and Ted’s identity is back. Ted thanks Veronica despite the fact she refuses to admit she broke the rules. She does wonder why he decided to come back to Veridian. He admits it’s because of his team, who has cupcakes… to throw out the 20th floor.