You Are the Boss of Me - Recap

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The team is having a late-night meeting about brain surgery to cure dieting. When Veronica mentions her driver died, Linda offers to give her a ride home. Veronica is confused by the concept of an offer made out of kindness, much less one done for free. As she goes, Linda admits to Lem and Phil she thought it would be a good idea to have some one-on-one time with their boss. In the lab, Ted suggests to Phil and Lem they go out for beer because Rose is with her mother. Lem explains they had plans and hastily shuts up Phil when he tries to invite Phil. Lem has a private conversation with Phil and warns that being friends with a boss can cause problems.

Linda drives Veronica to the latter’s grandmother, who died recently. It turned out her grandmother was also her driver. Veronica isn’t interested in talking about it despite Linda’s offer to listen. She warns that it might change their relationship, but is willing to take the risk. Linda tries to back out but ends up sharing some wine with Veronica.

Phil and Lem end up taking Ted to the sub-basement and explain they had to find a way to relax. They enter the sub-basement and reveal… Medieval Fight Club. Phil and Lem dress in medieval garb and provide him with the clothing to start as a serf. They warn he’ll have to fight his way up the ladder. Ted decides to take off but Phil explains that his leaving makes them looks bad. Lem figures the whole thing confirms his theory about bosses and employees not socializing. Ted agrees to support them.

Veronica talks about her grandmother while Linda gets drunk. Linda notices that Veronica is still sober and she explains her body doesn’t process alcohol like that… and then passes out. Linda puts her to bed and then starts mocking her. Veronica wakes back up and complains about her grandfather, and reveals she had her grandfather deported.

Ted wins his fight, winning the praise of the king, and is eager to fight again.

The next day, Ted talks to Rose and learns she’s being spoiled rotten. He complains to Phil and Lem, who note no one has ever one four fights in a row. Ted is eager to fight that night but they only meet once a week. He tells them that he’s rearranged the schedule so they can have Medieval Fight Club that night. When Lem admits that he can’t abandon his mother to be there, Ted gives in. However, Linda arrives and tells them that now she knows too much about Veronica. Veronica shows up and asks to talk to her privately. She explains that she feels relieved that she got the secret about her grandfather off her chest and slept peacefully. Linda says they’re friends and Veronica likes the way it sounds. She then tells Linda another personal secret and offers to take her to breakfast and give her project to someone else.

That night, Ted fights against Lem and wins. To get promoted he has to fight Phil, and Phil quickly surrenders. However, Phil and Lem are demoted to the rank of court jester.

Later, Linda complains to Ted that Veronica is absorbing her. She’s giving Linda makeovers and confession secrets to her at all hour of the night. Ted tells her she doesn’t have to put up with it, and then goes after Phil and Lem. Linda tries to dump Veronica, who realizes what she’s up to. Linda tries to claim she doesn’t deserve that much pleasure and asks for a break.

Phil and Lem want to take a break from Medieval Fight Club, and realize that once Rose comes home he’s going to continue with the club. When they try to beg off, Ted puts pressure on them to finish their current project… unless they have a good reason not to work. They decided to pit him against the Groth. However, Francis Groth, the janitor, says he has a girlfriend and he’s done with Medieval Fight Club. They convince him to conduct one more fight.

Veronica starts to take our her anger on Linda by taking away cubicle space and cutting her off in the elevator.

Groth enters the arena and Ted tells Lem that Rose will be staying with Stacy and he can’t contradict her without looking like the bad dad. An angry Ted races into the arena and defeats him.

Linda is working in her cubicle when Veronica suggests that she might want to be friends again. Linda explains that real friends listen to each other. Veronica gives it a try and asks Linda to tell her something. Linda tells her a secret but Veronica quickly grows bored with someone else going on and on about themselves. She declares their friendship at an end. However, Linda gets her full-sized cubicle back.

Ted, preoccupied, admits to her that he almost killed a man in the basement. He explains that he got carried away, and that he has to deal with the spoiled Rose when she comes back. He gets angry again and heads for the basement, and Linda suggests he might really be fighting Stacy. Ted admits that she’s right and Linda suggests he goes to the single dad’s club. Phil and Lem arrive to tell him that he’s the new king… and then they killed him off in fantasy battle. Ted apologizes for acting like a jerk and they accept… as long as he doesn’t come back. Linda admits she’s frustrated and heads into the basement to don a medieval warrior’s garb and fight a few battles. Phil and Lem quickly back away.