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Trust and Consequences - Recap

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Ted insists that trust holds a company together. He prepares to go to a meeting, sure that Linda has his back. Unfortunately, a bad product sometimes gets through. Veronica explains that a year ago the perfume the team developed causes hornets to go into a mating frenzy. The litigants’ lawyers believe that Veridian knew it could happen so everyone will have to give dispositions.

In the deposition, Veronica is confident not to give any info. In Ted’s deposition, the lawyers discover there is no one significant in Ted’s life that he’d even consider giving perfume to. Phil, who doesn’t do well under pressure, cracks immediately but only admits that he went to the University of Aruba instead of MIT. Lem is equally nervous and creates a drug to mellow him out. However, they all insist they had no idea the product was dangerous… except for Linda. She testifies that she sent e-mails to the CEO and Ted.

When Ted gets the news, he tells her that he didn’t get any e-mails. Linda insists that she did because it was her very first project a year ago. Ted is equally insistent that he didn’t. When Linda wants to know why it was so memorable for him, he can’t bring himself to mention that it was the day he had his one-off affair with Veronica. Ted acts oddly and Linda thinks that means he’s lying. She storms off, angry with Ted.

Their relationship takes a chill, sending shockwaves throughout the country. Meanwhile, Lem discovers that Phil lied about going to MIT and is upset. Phil apologizes, admitting he was worried that he would be fired if anyone found out. Lem warns him that MIT deals harshly with liars.

Veronica calls in Linda and tells her she’ll be the scapegoat and have to admit she took drugs. Linda initially refuses despite the fact Veronica promises she’ll get excellent rehab treatment, just like Dr. Bhamba did when they made him a scapegoat. However, when Ted learns she plans to admit it was her fault, he goes to see her. Linda says that if Ted can sell his soul to the company, she doesn’t have a problem with it.

Veronica goes to see Ted and discovers that he’s searching through his e-mail records. He insists that Linda was their conscience but Veronica isn’t impressed. Meanwhile, Phil comes to work and he and Lem quickly repair their relationship. However, Lem reveals a secret of his own: he wears fake glasses to make him look smarter. Phil forgives him for that lie and they go on their way.

As Ted works, someone slips a CD beneath his door. Ted goes to the conference room where Linda is preparing to sign her statement. Ted calls her out and shows her security cam footage of him and Veronica together. The date stamp confirms what he was doing and when, and the footage shows that the e-mail came in and Veronica accidentally deleted it while in the throes of passion. Ted apologizes for doubting her but notes she called him a liar. Linda figures they’re even. Ted takes the disc to Veronica, figuring that she taped them. It turns out the security guard taped it and Veronica got hold of it. Ted thanks Veronica for helping Linda. And as it turns out, Dr. Bhamba takes the blame… again.