Father, Can You Hair Me? - Recap

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Ted asks Veronica for her advice on the poster he’s created for Rose’s third grade class president campaign. Veronica suggests the company simply buy Rose the victory. There are flowers waiting for her in her office but Veronica is angry: her father Elijah sent them. He’s the CEO of a rival company, DigiVation Industries, and mother and father spend their time stealing other’s company secrets. The winner always sends the loser a gift. Sure enough, Linda informs them that DigiVation has stolen Veridian’s weight-loss toothpaste formula.

As they discuss Veronica’s father, Ted admits that he has problems with his own father, a plumber who wanted to Ted to follow in the family business. Linda has the perfect family, mother and father. Ted checks in with Phil and Lem, who discuss their fathers. Phil has the best dad ever and Lem’s father died saving 30 people and saying he loved Lem more than the universe. The guys tell Ted that the wrinkle cream research isn’t going well and it’s causing hair growth. Ted is thrilled since a hair growth formula is the Holy Grail of corporate R&D. However, the guys warn Ted it won’t be ready until the fall. Ted tells them that they have to have it ready immediately.

That night, Ted reviews Rose’s plans to become class president. She isn’t so sure that she wants to become third grade class president but he tries to be supportive, insisting she should try and win. Ted admits that he’s overcompensating for the support his father never gave him as a child.

At work, Veronica is checking with her corporate intelligence experts to learn what DigiVation has planned next. Elijah comes in and tells her that his newest project, marine mammal communication, doesn’t work. She figures that he’s trying to bluff her to convince her that it’s really a loser, because he knows she’d know if he said it was a winner.

Lem and Phil show Ted the results of their first-stage testing. They’ve successfully grown hair on potatoes, and made the hair growth formula an aerosol. Ted wants them to proceed to human testing, but Lem takes a stand, insisting it’s not ready. Phil stammers out a few words while Ted leaves, angry.

Elijah tells his daughter that he wants to call a truce. Veronica doesn’t believe it and figures that he’s trying to pull some kind of trick. As the guards escort Elijah out, Linda wonders what Elijah told Veronica. Veronica says that Elijah said he was dying. Linda wonders if it’s true and Veronica begins to wonder. She takes her own physician, Dr. Rosenbaum, to Elijah’s physical and has him review the results. Rosenbaum confirms that Elijah only has a year to live.

Ted takes the hair growth aerosol from the lab and takes it to his office. Seated at his desk, he sprays a bit on his left bicep and remembers the one thing his father always wanted him to do: find a way to regrow hair. Back home, Ted discovers that hair is growing and he now has a much better present for his father’s 60th birthday than a tie. Rose tells her father that she no longer wants to be class president but Ted tells her she should stick it out.,

Veronica tells Linda that she’s confirmed that Elijah is dying. Linda suggests that Veronica should try and make up for lost time with her father. Veronica sets out to establish a normal relationship with her father and eventually they start to get the hang of it.

Lem is worried about what Ted will do to him for disobeying his orders. He’s also irritated that Phil didn’t rush to his defense. Ted comes in, apologizes, and explains that he has a problem. His office desk is now covered with hair due to overspray. The hair is also growing down his sleeve. Lem is happy that he was right to disobey Ted. They go to work trying to create an antidote while Veronica notices Ted shaving his desk. He explains and Veronica understands. She’s more concerned about her relationship with her father and isn’t sure that things are going well.

Lem and Phil create an antidote, although they lose their own hair as well. Linda talks to Elijah, who hits on her. She quickly turns him down and talks about how her family goes on a RV tour of the country each year. Elijah isn’t impressed. He goes to see Veronica, who gives him a hug and then apologizes for having to step out. Once she’s gone, Elijah notices that she left the top secret hair growth formula on her desk. He steals it and leaves.

Later, Veronica gets flowers from her father. She tells the delivery boy to send a gift back to her father: the hair growth formula doesn’t work and she tricked Elijah. Their relationship is back to normal.

Ted figures he’s trying too hard and he’s better off being a good father to Rose. He assures her that if she doesn’t want to be class president, he’s fine with that. She goes back to making mud cookies in the school sandbox. Ted decides to send his father the tie after all, along with a mud cookie from Rose to her grandpa.