Jabberwocky - Recap

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As Ted prepares to give a fake presentation to the division heads, he wonders how he got in this situation…

Ted is with Phil and Lem as they demonstrate their new unbreakable plate on the gun range. Unfortunately, it weighs eight pounds and Ted sends them back to the drawing board. Linda approaches and says she wants to be a part of the new Veridian green program that she saw advertised on TV. She volunteers to do a roof garden and Ted gives in. She gives him a hug but then insists that it’s platonic and reminds him of her boyfriend Don.

When Ted goes to Veronica, she informs him that the commercial is just a commercial and Veridian has no intention of going green. Afraid of disappoint Linda, Ted tells her that she can do the roof garden but that she’ll be the only person on it and it’s top secret. He figures if it succeeds, he can come up with an excuse to prove its merits. However, when he illicitly shifts the money to fund it, Veronica notices. When she asks him what’s going on, Ted notices a mover with a Jabberwocky logo and tells Veronica that the money is going to Project Jabberworky. Afraid of seeming out of the loop, Veronica says she knows all about it. She asks her boss about it, without trying to admit she’s out of the loop. He agrees that there’s a project, so he won’t seem to be out of the loop.

Meanwhile, Lem and Phil come up with their unbreakable plate Mark 2. Unfortunately it tends to burst into flame on impact. Ted has no choice but to pull the plug, and Lem and Phil are upset that they let Ted down.

The rumors about Project Jabberwocky spread and the fact that no one knows what it is makes everyone think it’s the new hot project. Veronica gets increasingly frustrated that everyone’s coming to her to get in on the project because they think it’s her inspiration. Meanwhile, Linda shows Ted the first successful results of her roof garden: recycled urine made into tea and water. He tries to convince her to drop the roof garden project without success.

Phil and Lem try to get a chance to impress Ted by asking him to put him on Jabberwocky. When he tries to explain that it doesn’t exist, they think he’s trying to keep them out of it because they failed him. While Ted tries to spread counter rumors without success, Phil and Lem go to Linda for her advice on impressing Ted. She isn’t much help, but they figure they can work on her project and impress Ted. She describes her roof garden and says she needs cost-efficient lighting, and Phil suggests they develop bioluminescence from fireflies.

Later, Linda meets Veronica and thanks her. Veronica has no idea what she’s talking about but realizes it’s about Jabberwocky and tries to get Linda to tell her what it is. Her explanation about Ted drinking recycle just confuses Veronica more. Veronica finally goes through Ted’s files and he catches her at it. He breaks down and tells her he made the whole thing up to make Linda happy. Unfortunately, Veronica promised to tell the division heads what Jabberwocky is at a major presentation. She and Ted have two hours to come up with the most incredible project ever developed.

Ted and Veronica prepare their fake Jabberwocky presentation. Consisting of random images and catchphrases, it turns out to be a major hit. Even though they warn it won’t be coming for three years, everyone is eager to talk about it… except they still don’t what it is is. Veronica makes Ted promise never to lie to her again.

Later, Ted visits the roof garden and tells Linda the truth about her green project. He insists that it wasn’t pointless and that she made a difference to the entire company. Linda is glad he did it and they hug… semi-platonically. Lem and Phil arrive and show off their newest product: bioluminescent flowers, made with firefly DNA. The only problem is they also experimented on the squirrels. They end up with tomatoes from the garden, insane squirrels who can’t sleep, and the Jabberwocky project is sent to Veridian’s Japan division where they can’t figure out what it is either.