Secrets and Lives - Recap

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Linda is eager to talk to Veronica about her moving in with her boyfriend. Veronica isn’t. At the staff meeting, Ted introduces the new visual-searching software they’re developing, that can find anyone’s image anywhere on the Internet. They use a corporate photo of Veronica but everyone is taken aback when they find her working as a magician’s assistant in Las Vegas.

Ted finally asks Veronica what’s going on and she explains that she met her boyfriend, Mordor the Unforgiving, in Las Vegas when he called her on stage. It’s been love and illusions ever since, and Veronica can release her stress. The staff starts mocking her with magic tricks and Veronica realizes she can’t command their respect while working as a magician’s assistant. She vows to give up her no-longer-secret stage life.

Phil has discovered something surprising: using the software, he’s scanned his image and discovered he has an exact twin, Byron McNurtney, who rides bulls, dresses like a cowboy, and is surrounded by women. Phil realizes that it hasn’t been his look that have been holding him back, but his lack of confidence.

Linda tires to set Ted up with her former college roommate and current veterinarian, Rebecca. Despite some initial awkwardness, Ted and Rebecca grow closer and Linda volunteers to babysit Rose while they go on a date.

Veronica needs a new way to release stress and starts slapping employees. Ted warns her that could get her fired and decides to try and bring her back with Mordor. He goes to see the magician, who is leery of having Veronica abandon him again. However, his current assistant Kristi is incompetent and Ted notices.

Phil looks at the pictures of Byron and decides the key to his own success is fake confidence. Lem suggests he get a woman’s phone number. Meanwhile, Ted tells Veronica about his visit to Mordor and she realizes that Kristi could get Mordor killed. She decides that she can be his assistant one last time.

Linda goes to watch rose, who wants to know why Linda isn’t going on the date instead. Linda spends more time talking about her feelings for Ted and why dating wouldn’t work out, then the fact that she already has a boyfriend.

At the company gym, Phil hits on an attractive woman, and makes her boyfriend jealous.

Later, Rose asks Ted why he isn’t with Linda. He refuses to let her decide the matter.

Phil goes to see Lem. He’s beaten but unbowed: he’s happy that a jealous boyfriend actually saw Phil as a threat. However, he realizes that trips to the emergency room aren’t in his future and decides to forego any more confidence, false or otherwise.

Rebecca and Linda discuss Ted, and Linda starts showing Rebecca photos of Ted. Lots of photos of Ted. She talks gushingly of him and Rebecca accuses her of being in love with Ted. Linda denies it and suggests she just wants Ted to be happy.

Ted sits at the back of Mordor and Veronica’s show to avoid making her nervous. However, everyone from Veridian shows up. Ted goes backstage to warn her and assure that nobody can humiliate her as long as she keeps her dignity and does what she wants and stays true to her love. Veronica agrees to go on stage. The show goes great and the audience, including Veronica’s employees, give her and Mordor a standing ovation.

Veronica continues to perform with Morder and becomes a better employee. Now she produces coins out of their ears before threatening to fire them.

Phil deletes the Bryon McNurtney photos and goes back to his old un-confident self.

Linda breaks up with Don by phone. Ted brings her flowers and Linda is happy… until Ted confesses her pushing him into the date with Rebecca showed him that despite his divorce, he can try and find happiness with someone: Rebecca. A disappointed Linda starts slapping employees to relieve her stress.