The Lawyer, The Lemur and the Little Listener - Recap

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Phil and Lem are taking the elevator when a Veridian lawyer, Nadine Webson, comes in and starts making out with Phil. Once they're done, she leaves at the next floor and Lem explains that the only time they can get together due to their busy schedules is when they're at work, and she has an office and a door that locks.

Linda tells Ted that she's just about finished with her first children's book and has sold it to a publishing company. Ted comments that the main character, a lemur, looks just like Phil. Linda doesn't believe it, until Phil comes by and she realizes it looks just like him.

Ted picks up Rose from after-care and at home they talk over dinner about what happened. He thinks most of it is boring until she talks about how one of the kid's fathers works in HR and knows that a father with a last name like a pancake is being fired. The next day, Ted tells Veronica and she realizes who Rose is talking about. She points out that if her employees get fired and the extraction team physically removes them, then she looks weak. She wants to use Rose's inside information to help out her employee and Ted reluctantly agrees to let her talk to Rose... once.

In the lab, Lem runs the numbers on his check and discovers that Veridian is withholding extra money. Linda comes in and shows them the picture of her lemur, and wants Phil to sign a release form. Phil realizes that it's him and is flattered. However, he and Lem warn that anything created within the company belongs to the company. Linda admits that she had to work on her storybook at the office because she's working late hours, and wonders what she should do.

Veronica and Ted talk to Rose, who says that one employee, Paul Spielman, is going to be fired. Veronica has no idea who he is, but Ted explains that Spielman is working on a stealth-mission program for the government. She vows to save him.

As Linda tries to sneak out with her work, Veronica notices but tells Linda she's too busy to deal with it. She's also busy dealing with Lem, and has to explain that the company is billing Nadine's hours to him because he's spending time with her at work. Lem is offended that Veridian is putting a price of $300 on his new relationship. He complains to Nadine, who finds the entire thing a turn-on and they end up back on the couch. Lem tries to keep an eye on the time.

At the stealth missile presentation, Ted and Veronica make sure to give Spielman all the credit he deserves. Veronica's boss, Chet, quickly cancels the extraction team's removal of Spielman from the building. Afterward, Ted is happy they saved the employee but insists that they don't use Veronica as a spy again.

Phil goes to see Linda at her home, and she admits she's having trouble finishing her story. He offers to help and Linda explains that her lemur wants to leave her tree and have adventures in the outside world, and her friends rally around him. She doesn't know how to end it, and Phil suggests that the lemur doesn't have to leave because he has the support of his friends. Linda goes with that, and vows to get out of Veridian now that she has a paying job as an author.

That night, Veronica drops in at Ted's house with pizza for Rose. Ted isn't happy that she's come by, but Veronica soon realizes that Rose already told her father about the next person who will be fired, Jeffrey Bouchard. According to his child, he's going to Seattle. Veronica and Ted realize that their competitor is in Seattle and figure Bouchard is going to take the stealth missile plans with him.

The next day, Ted and Veronica watch as Bouchard makes a run for it with the extraction team hot on his trail.

Lem goes to Nadine's office for another tryst and quickly tries to get his clothes off to cut down on his expense. When Nadine comes out in a complicated piece of lingerie, he asks her to bill her hours to someone else. She refuses to commit fraud and Lem breaks it off with her.

At the office, Linda tells Phil that the corporation bought her story and it's already up on the Internet. They check it out and discover that it's being used to sell beer to children in Japan. Meanwhile, Ted drops Rose off at after-care, and she tells him she plans to do some more spying.

Linda tries to get Veronica to have Veridian claim that her book is theirs, because the publisher's corporation is using it to sell beer. Veronica has already gotten Phil to tell her what Linda was up to. She warns that the book will be tied in up litigation between the two companies and Linda won't be able to quit her job. Linda admits she doesn't have a choice and Veronica points out the irony of Linda asking the all-powerful corporation for help.

Linda ends up reading her Veridian-owned story to the kids in after-care. When Rose picks up Ted, she tells him that she misunderstood and Bouchard is going to "see cattle," not to Seattle. Ted runs off to make sure Bouchard get his job back. Veronica apologizes, sort of, by saying it's Ted's fault and Ted offers to make up for it anyway he can. Bouchard takes the taser and asks for a few minutes alone with him.