Beating a Dead Workforce - Recap

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Ted is ducking in his daughter at the office because he and the rest of the company are working on a new product: a sleep system. Phil and Lem show him the new product, designed to put anyone to sleep in three minutes. The only problem is that it's incredibly noisy. Ted tells them to take it back to the lab to fix and then checks on Linda. She points out that everyone is unhappy because of the extra work. Lem spills a cup of coffee on another employee, Jenkins, and Jenkins stalks off. Ted talks to Veronica, who thinks they should fire the hardest-working employee to terrorize the others. Ted suggests a celebration of the hardest-working employee might be better.

Ted gets a cake and everyone take it to Jenkins' office. The only problem is that Jenkins is dead from overwork. Ted reports the fact to Veronica, and she suggests that Jenkins being dead may have been a pre-existing condition. Veridian is holding a memorial and giving the employees a half-day off but Ted doesn't think that's sufficient.

Linda is packing away Jenkins' personal things when Veronica comes in and thinks she's looting. Veronica says it's important to live in the moment because you never know what the future will be. She always lives in the present, and Linda wishes she could do it. However, she's always procrastinated. Linda pokes her in the eyes to inflict pain, putting her completely in the present. Linda admits that it makes sense and tries to poke her eyes, and Veronica twists her fingers and suggests they listen to her music album.

At the memorial, Ted tries to convince the workers not to work so hard. He has Lem speak on Jenkins' behalf, but Lem doesn't know anything about the man except that he spilled coffee on him. As he goes up, Linda enjoys the sugar cookies and grabs Phil by the face to live in the moment. Meanwhile, Lem talks about how Jenkins liked coffee, but hated coffee being thrown on him. Veronica then gets up and suggests they honor Jenkins' death by working even harder on the project. Linda and Ted realize where she's going, but everyone else is swept up in Jenkinsmania. Afterward, Veronica admits the company didn't think sad was the way to go.

Everyone works even harder and starts putting up posters of Jenkins, and handing out rubber wristbands. Ted points out the company is exploiting Jenkins' death, but the company has already warned that Jenkins warned that some people would say that.

The cool accountants come down to the lab because they want to talk to Lem: they figure he's Jenkins' closest friend. Lem thrives on the attention and they invite him out for a cigarette break. However, they refuse to let Phil tag along, and Lem begs him not to ruin it for him.

Veronica asks for Linda's report, and Linda grabs her face. Her boss tells her she needs to find new moments and sweeps the leg, knocking her down. Ted complains to Veronica about all the inspirational promotions, including video of Jenkins playing in the elevator to Veronica's music CD. He's worried that people will start making mistakes. Ted figures the company will keep up the 14-hour days even after the sleep system project is over, and Veronica doesn't deny it. He threatens to tell everyone, but Veronica warns that if they quit, then the company will just replace them. She explains that he has to show the company they'll lose money, because Veridian loves money.

When he runs out of stories about Jenkins, at least the one story he had, Lem starts using stories of his activities with Phil. When Phil becomes jealous, Lem invites him to lunch.

Linda admits to Ted that she doesn't have a lot of interesting moments, so she wants to have sex with him. Ted declines and asks her to help him lose some parts to delay the project and show that employees get tired, make mistakes, and cost the company money. He needs Linda's computer to do it because it has the proper access. She eventually agrees after she discovers she can't sweep the leg on him.

Phil joins Lem for lunch only to discover the company has asked him to hold on to Jenkins' ashes. Lem tries to get his two friends to set down with him for lunch. Phil would rather scatter the ashes. Unfortunately, he can't get the lid off so he walks off.

Ted confirms the parts never got to Veridian. However, when he tries to tell everyone, another employee reveals that he saw the deleted file and drove to the shipping company to get the parts himself. Everyone is ready to go to work for Jenkins, but Ted explains that the company is using Jenkins, and will make the new hours the norm. He says he's taking his daughter and going home. Lem admits that he used Jenkins to embellish himself, and all of his stories really featured Phil. Nobody cares who Phil is.

Ted picks up a sleeping Rose and walks out, as everyone applauds. Unfortunately, Rose has to go to the bathroom, interrupting the moment. Everyone waits outside the restroom until she's done, and then continues with their moment. Veronica decides to go with Ted. She isn't interested in supporting him: she just has a dinner date.

Later, Ted returns to his office and finds Veronica waiting for him. She tells him that everyone else walked out and the company backed down. She's glad to take some of the credit for helping.