Lust in Translation - Recap

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Ted notes that the stress levels are up and he has to be calm so his people will remain calm. He visits Phil and Lem, who are working on the multi-language translator, and they realize Ted is being calm because they're in trouble. When Ted explains that their German partners want to see a demonstration, Phil and Lem are relieved. Ted suggests that they hide their more evil devices while he keeps the Germans upstairs. After he leaves, Phil and Lem try to figure out if they make anything that isn't evil. They fail, although Phil gets to laugh evilly about it.

Linda is also feeling stressed and snaps at two comrades telling goat stories across her cubicle. Meanwhile, Veronica is also stressed about the deal with the Germans. She's interrupted when she hears a booming noise from the ductwork. She goes to investigate and finds Linda using an empty room that she's decorated and visits to relieve some stress. Linda explains that she relieves stress by bouncing bagels off a wall into an air vent. Veronica notes she's good at everything she does and could do better at Linda Bagel. Linda challenges her and Veronica accepts.

Veronica is later for the meeting with the Germans and Ted has to charm them by himself. He sees the female CEO, Greta Schultz, and is incredibly impressed. She speaks awkwardly and her assistant and translator explains she doesn't speak English very well.

Linda wins the first round of Linda Bagel and Veronica insists on going again. She doesn't do well.

Later, Phil and Lem demonstrate their translator as Veronica arrives. The translator works, sort of, but it has a dark booming robot voice. Ted asks for a delay to fix it and suggests the Germans tour the city. Greta accepts but asks Ted to take her around. Ted is glad to accept. Afterward, Veronica tells Ted to avoid sex so it doesn't screw up the deal. Ted believes he can keep his personal relationship separate from his business life and leaves for dinner with Greta.

Phil and Lem try to come up with a way to prove their not evil scientists. Veronica asks Ted how they're doing, and Ted says that they need a little more time. She's also worried that Ted is sleeping with Greta, who insists nothing will go wrong because he's Ted. Veronica warns that something will go wrong. She then challenges Linda to a rematch, and Linda explains that she's found something she's better at than Veronica. Linda is confident that she'll continue winning and Ted warns her that something will go wrong. Veronica then seeks revenge by dumping more work on Linda, but Linda is unbowed.

Greta and Ted end up back at her hotel room. She explains that she told Phil and Lem to perfect the translator so she could speak with him. It works fine… except that it uses Phil's voice. When Greta asks Ted to kiss him, he finds it disturbing that it's Phil speaking to him.

The next day, Ted goes to ask Phil why he used his voice. Phil explains that his voice was on file and they needed a voice right away. Ted in turn explains that it's hard to pleasure a woman when she appears to be speaking in Phil's voice. Phil warns that it will take days to record another voice. Veronica comes in and asks if Ted has screwed up his relationship with Greta yet. He lies and says it isn't, and quickly leaves. Veronica then asks Phil and Lem to develop a perfectly aerodynamic bagel so she can cheat. They're not happy that they'll be making something evil.

Ted asks Linda if a woman would be offended if a guy told her to shut up during sex. He notices that Veronica is retaliating by giving Linda more work, but Linda admits that she can't force herself to lose because it feels so good.

Later, Ted is back in bed with Greta and turns up the music so he can't hear her. She doesn't want the music so loud and admits she understands that Ted has a problem. She's worried that Ted is interested in nothing but sex and orders Ted out.

The next day, the Germans walk out and Veronica complains that Ted's personal relationship screwed things up. Ted doesn't want things to end that way and goes off after Greta. However, he discovers that it's now been programmed with Klingon. After he changes the programming, he asks to meet Greta privately to talk things out.

Phil and Lem have no choice but to finish the bagels, but Lem suggests they take a stand. Phil wonders if they can let it go a little further, but Lem insists the time is now to procrastinate.

Linda goes to the room and finds Veronica waiting for her. She wants to wait until Phil and Lem arrive with the bagels. However, Linda lies and says that security found out about the room and is coming to lock it up. Veronica doesn't want to lose and insists they play.

Greta wants sex and wants it now. Ted's effort to delay and talk about their feelings doesn't work.

As Linda prepares to make her throw, she hears Greta using Phil's voice having sex with Ted. It creeps her out and she misses the throw, and Veronica makes her shot. As Veronica climbs into the vent to recover the winning bagel, Linda wonders what's up with Ted and Phil.

Phil and Lem resolve not to give in to evil. As they walk down the hall, Veronica falls through the ceiling. Lem insists that she can't use their bagels for evil, but Veronica is simply happy she won.

Later, Veronica congratulates Ted because the deal went through. However, she's deaf in one ear because she fell through the ceiling in a metal tube. Meanwhile, Phil and Lem realize that the bagels taste horrible because they're made out of high-impact carbon. They try to toss the bagels in the garbage… and discover that they fly on their own. One hits Ted, who chases after them.