The Long and Winding High Road - Recap

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Ted is trying to deal with Pete Gilroy, the head of the other Veridian development team. Pete takes the low road whenever he can, stealing other employees' food while Ted tries to return extra food from the vending machine. Pete can't result insulting Ted, who feels bad when he responds.

Ted's team meets to discuss their new magnetic levitation vest, and explains that Pete's team is working on a completing levitation device. Veronica decides to name the vest "The Dream Glider" and wants to sell it to the military to defeat the Chinese army. Linda wonders why they keep making devices to kill people and Veronica mocks her for being so goody-goody all the time. After the meeting, Phil and Lem explain to Ted that they had a piƱata in the lab and accidentally hit the thermostat, and they need him to get the company to replace it. Ted tells them that they'll have to take the high road and tell the company, but the scientists are worried that the company will cancel their gym memberships.

Linda follows Ted to his office and complains that everyone thinks she's so nice. Rose is waiting in her father's office, and Veronica comes in to compliment her on her looks. Linda starts saying nasty things to convince Ted and Veronica that she's not so nice, and Rose wonders what's going on. When Linda says she slept with her cousin's husband, Ted hastily gets Rose down to the Hive aftercare program.

The two development teams meet with Chet to present their project. Pete and his blonde boss, Kathleen, mock the levitation vest because it has breasts. When they bringing out their magnetic belt, which looks like a diaper, Ted continues his long rivalry with Pete by insulting it. Unfortunately, Veronica decides to join in and takes it a little too far, much to Chet's disgust. Afterward, Veronica wants to crush Pete but Ted wants to take the high road again so they stop sabotaging each other's projects. Veronica doesn't buy his plan and tells him to do what he wants to do, while she begins her own plan.

Ted checks with Phil and Lem, who are suffering from the heat in the lab because the thermostat is still broken. They hope that someone will notice and complain for them, but Ted refuses to help and tells them to redesign Pete's project so it doesn't look like a diaper.

Veronica goes to Linda to find someone ruthless. She hopes that Linda knows someone. Linda volunteers to be ruthless and evil herself and Veronica agrees to let her help so they can sabotage Pete's product testing.

Ted discovers that Pete has a daughter in aftercare. The two men briefly talk about their daughters' Pioneer Girl dolls and the books, and actually have a common interest. However, when Ted offers a redesign of the levitation belt, Pete thinks he's trying to sabotage him again and insults him, and warns that the vest will undergo product testing first. He insults Ted and tries to walk away, but not before Ted reveals the end of the next Pioneer Girl book.

Linda comes up with a plan to sabotage the product testing. All they need to do is get one charismatic person in the testing group to put down the product and everyone else will go along. Since the levitation belt is aimed at children, they realize they need to get a child, and choose Rose as the perfect charismatic person.

Phil and Lem finally rig the thermostat to fall apart when someone touches it, and then call in Patricia. She tries to adjust the thermostat, it falls apart, and they blame her. Guilt-stricken, she offers to pay for it, shocking them.

Ted, unaware of what Veronica and Linda have planned, decides to go after Pete and bribes William the product tester to gain the advantage and have their vest tested first. Meanwhile, Linda and Veronica convince Rose to insult the vest when she's taken into the product testing group.

Veronica and Linda watch through a one-way mirror as Rose and the other children gather in the testing room. Veronica is happy to admit that Linda actually could be evil, and Linda basks in the praise. However, when William brings in the vest, they realize that they've shot themselves in the foot. Ted comes in and confirms that he had the projects switched, and they tell him what they've done. They all pound on the mirror but it doesn't do any good, and Rose starts insulting the vest and gets the other children to go along with her.

Patricia tells Lem and Phil that the thermostat will cost $2,000. Since she can't afford that, she's going to have her ex-boyfriend fix it, but she'll have to sleep with him. They finally admit that they broke the thermostat and set her up to pay for it, and they're not nice people. Patricia threatens to tell the company unless they pay her $500 each. When they refuse, she tells them to either fight each other or pay $700 each. Lem refuses... and Phil knocks him out.

Ted blames Veronica and Linda for taking the low road, and they can't resist pointing out that he took the low road too. Now their project is dead in the water. The moral of the story as far as Veronica is concerned is that when they take the low road, they need to coordinate. She tries to plan a new round of rigged testing but Ted refuses and Linda has to agree. She doesn't want to be evil to gain Veronica's admiration. Ted tells them to explain to the children that they did the wrong thing.

Pete approaches Ted and suggests they work together. But it's only a set up so he can tell Ted he knows he rigged the testing, and that Ted's a douche.

As for Linda and Veronica, they go to aftercare and Veronica tells the kids how she does bad things because she's ovulating. The woman in charge gets them out and Veronica is satisfied they've fulfilled their duty.