Mess of a Salesman - Recap

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Ted comes into work and asks Linda how her date the previous night went, and she admits that it could have been better. Veronica arrives to tell them that she's getting an award. The Veridian Charitable Foundation is honoring her with an award for being outstanding. Ted warns that she's going to have to raise money for the Foundation and wants Linda to do it for her. Veronica admits that she has no idea who the money is going to. Ted's big brother Billy comes in and slaps him in the groin. Ted lures Billy in with a plea for help and then returns the favor with a sack attack.

That night, Billy has supper with Ted and Rose. Billy says he'll be in town for a couple of days and he's looking for work as a salesman in Fresno. He admits that he lost his last job selling boxes because he kept sleeping with the boss' wife. Ted offers to get him a job as a salesman with Veridian so that he can spend time with Ted and Rose.

The next day, Ted manages to get Veronica's attention since she' busy admiring herself for getting a reward. However, Veridian isn't hiring so Ted checks with Lou, the owner of the company that sells Veridian its lab supplies. Lou agrees to hire Billy in return for Ted taking 3,000 lab beakers. Ted agrees, but discovers that no one wants the beakers.

Ted introduces Billy to Lem and Phil and departs. Once Ted's gone, Billy realizes that the two scientists are tight-laced and offers to take them to an exclusive club to have drinks and discuss lab supplies. The guys are reluctant but Billy says that when you stop getting scared, that's when life gets interesting. They finally agree to go with him.

Linda does some research on the Foundation's charity and tells Veronica that it provides female mentors to underprivileged girls to train them for leadership positions. Veronica is actually impressed and vows to raise more money for the charity than ever before. Even Linda is taken aback by her enthusiasm.

Billy takes Phil and Lem to the Flyer's Club at the airport. They are duly impressed and insist they have to go before they get in trouble for playing hooky. Billy tells them that when someone gets in his face, he tells them to deal with it, and suggests they give it a try. They begin to get into the spirit of freedom by saying "deal with it" repeatedly.

Ted tries to figure out a way to justify to Accounting why he bought 3,000 beakers. He hands them out as pencil holders and coffee mugs, and then gives 600 of them to Phil and Lem. When he discovers they've bought an elderly white male cadaver from Billy, they tell him to deal with it. Things get worse when they reveal that Billy signed them up for a Corpse of the Month club, and Ted goes to yell at Billy.

Linda and Veronica start double-teaming employees to get them to cough up contributions. They go after Brett Fleming and Veronica demands $10,000. Once she leaves to get a beaker of coffee, Linda plays good cop and talks Brett down to $500.

Ted confronts Billy at home and tries to explain that Lem and Phil don't need cadavers. Billy admits that his boss was impressed with how he made such a quick sale. When Rose comes in, she's happy to announce that Billy will be living with them if the sales job works out. Touched, Ted tells his brother that he'll figure something out.

The next day, Ted stores the cadaver with Lonnie in the computer room. On the elevator he runs into Mrs. Boudreaux and the girls, who are there to meet with Veronica. Things go well until Lonnie wheels the cadaver into the elevator and informs Ted there's a new rule about corpses in the computer room.

Phil and Lem hang out at the airport club with Billy and enjoy their new "deal with it" attitude and Lem's leather pants. They insist that they buy unnecessary lab equipment from Billy and override his objections.

Veronica tells Linda that she's found out that the Veridian Foundation keeps 95% of the money they raise for charity. She wants Linda to go with her and confront Mr. Page, the executive in charge of the Foundation. Mr. Page explains that the Foundation exists to make Veridian look good, and demands they turn in the money. Linda backs Veronica and refuses to let Page crush Veronica. Veronica eggs her on, and Linda finally headbutts Page, knocking him unconscious.

Ted hides the cadaver in the lab and the guys inform him that they've bought a family of robots and a wind tunnel to test if robots can be driven insane by wind. When Ted threatens to report them to Veronica, they begin to have second thoughts about their "deal with it" attitude. Linda and Veronica ask Ted to help them. After Linda went crazy and knocked out Mr. Page, they gave all the money to the charity. Unfortunately, it's a class 2 felony. They want Ted to make things right with Page, and he reluctantly agrees to talk to the man. Page insists that they return the money.

As Ted leaves, he runs into Billy, who explains that he tried to hold back. Ted is angry that Billy has created another mess that he has to clean up, just like he always does. He tells Billy he has to clean up the mess with Page and goes to see Mrs. Boudreaux. She refuses to return the money.

When Ted returns home, he finds Phil and Lem there with Billy. They explain that they've fixed the situation for Ted. They put the corpse in Page's trunk, and then put a nail in his tire. They followed him and took pictures of him discovering the corpse and trying to dump it in the woods, and then threatened to post the photos on the Internet unless he let Veronica and Linda keep the money. Phil and Lem admit that it's their last hurrah. Ted notes that what Billy did was reckless and wrong, but it worked. Billy is happy to have cleaned up a mess for once.

Later, Billy moves to Fresno with the woman who serves cheese at the airport lounge. Ted tries to enjoy a beaker of hot coffee. Veronica gets the Pentagon to finance a study on robot tolerance to wind. And Linda finally explains to Veronica what a fawn is.