It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To - Recap

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Ted figures that it's okay to lie once in a while. He then meets with his team, who present Veronica with their newest invention: a lie detector. Veronica tests the device and proves that she can will herself to believe anything. Chet comes in and reminds Ted that he and Rose have a miniature gold appointment with Chet and his daughter Olivia. Chet warns that he plans to beat Ted.

After the meeting, Veronica notes that Ted is taking advantage of his daughter to network and she's being left behind. Ted insists that it's just Rose and Olivia being friendly, but Veronica warns that it will probably turn out badly.

Phil and Lem notice that Linda are upset and reluctantly approach her to offer help. She tells them she needs $5,000 to pay for her car after her brother damaged it, and the company won't advance her a loan. Phil and Lem decide to do it but she initially turns them down. They insist that she prove they're her friends by taking her money.

Ted and Chet take their daughters golfing, and Chet talks about the father of the last child that beat Olivia at miniature golf. He was transferred to Nigeria. Olivia comes over and complains that Rose keeps winning, and Ted assures her that if she wins the next hole, she wins the entire game. Chet congratulates him and offers him a major project. Ted secretly tells Rose to let Olivia win, and then kicks her ball away when she refuses. Rose isn't happy and Ted asks her to cut him some slack.

Lem and Phil give Linda the $5,000 and then ask her to join them for bowling. However, she lies and says that she has work. The nearby lie detector buzzes, and she doesn't know what it does.

Ted admits he doesn't feel good about sabotaging Rose's game. He goes to daycare and Rose tells him that she doesn't like Olivia, but Olivia wants her to go to her birthday party. Ted tries to convince her to go, but Rose isn't interested. Veronica comes in and explains that she's joined the "kid mafia" to get the new project by bringing her niece, Hannah. However, Hannah likes Rose, not Olivia. Chet comes in and Veronica introduces her niece. He agrees to invite Hannah to Olivia's birthday party, and Ted insists on bringing Rose.

Ted talks to Linda about ideas to get Rose to go to the party. Afterward, Phil and Lem approach Ted and tell him that Linda lied to them. They plan revenge, but he suggests that they talk it out instead. They approach Linda but hear her planning some kind of event involving liquor and strippers on the weekend. The guys are offended that Linda didn't invite them to the party.

Ted arrives at the birthday party center and a kinder, gentler Veronica notes that he couldn't get Rose there. He admits that he thought he'd fake it with a present and a sweater. However, Veronica couldn't get Hannah there and brought a neighbor girl. Ted warns her that she won't pull it off, but Chet doesn't notice. He notes that another employee tried to avoid the party, and will pay. Ted and Veronica reluctantly play along with each other to avoid giving themselves away.

Phil and Lem go to the party address after getting drunk, and discover that Linda is having an intervention for her brother. Embarrassed, they quickly slink away.

At the party, Veronica expresses her admiration for the project to Chet. Olivia complains that she can't find Rose and the conversation turns to Rose possibly being murdered. Chet goes to call security and can't understand how Ted can be so unconcerned. The center staff goes into emergency mode and everybody panics. Ted finally admits that he lied, and when Veronica can't help rubbing his face in it, points out that she lied as well.

The next day, things are tense between Ted and Veronica. Phil and Lem demonstrate their new foolproof lie detector while their superiors squabble. Linda busts in, angry, and finally they explain that about their misunderstanding. They realize she wants to be friends anyway when the lie detector gives away her true feelings, and run off to hug her. Ted wants to get things resolved and asks if Veronica wants him to advance. She tells him she does, and the lie detector confirms she's telling the truth. Veronica admits that she's really worried that she'll miss him if he moves up. Ted assures her that he'll always be there for her.

Chet decides they need more punishment and banishes Ted and Veronica to the very tiny office.

Lem and Phil take Linda on one of their bowling and nacho analysis drinking nights, but first they dance.