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Through Rose Colored HAZMAT Suits - Recap

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Ted brings his daughter Rose to work after his nanny calls in sick… again. Unfortunately, it’s a bad day to take her to his office because his team is doing weapon design. Ted visits the Veridian daycare, but discovers that the children are to put to work as janitors and painters as part of their education. Ted gives it a pass and heads for his office, and runs into Veronica. She wants to discontinue the use of HAZMAT suits because most of the recent alarms have been false. Ted isn’t so sure about that.

In the team meeting, Phil and Lem try to couch their missile explanation in terms of bunnies and cuddling and third-degree burns, for Rose’s benefit. It doesn’t go well. When Phil tries to take a sandwich down to the lab and Lem stops him, Rose point out that Lem must be Phil’s boss. Phil begins to get upset whenever Lem tells him to do anything. The contamination alarm goes off and as they put on their suits, Phil forces Lem to admit that he might be just a little bossy.

Linda keeps an eye on Rose at her desk and shows her how to throw discarded diet food samples: they’ll stick to anything. Ted thanks her and Rose shows them a picture she drew of the three of them together. It gets awkward, and then Linda tells Ted she’s meeting one of her many ex-boyfriends, Don, for coffee. She describes what Ted is missing and gets him to admit he has a problem with her seeing another guy, even though he won’t break his one-office-affair rule for her.

Veronica orders Ted to check on Lem and Phil. Ted can’t take Rose along and Veronica offers to watch her. Ted has no choice but Rose soon gets bored. Things liven up when Veronica’s boss Mr. Campbell arrives and demands to now why her researchers are setting off the contamination alarm. He notices Rose and stops yelling, and Veronica quickly uses Rose as protection. He quietly tells her to get on it and leaves. Veronica has to admit that Rose is good at manipulating others, even if she doesn’t know it yet.

In the lab, Phil explains to Ted that he and Lem have adapted a new system: they’re taking turns being the boss of each other. Lem takes over when the ten minutes on the timer runs out, but Ted throws out the timer and tells them to get to work.

Veronica is firing Jerry, one of the researchers responsible for the false alarms. He admits that he and his partner Hal have been setting off the alarms for fun. Jerry starts crying but Veronica tells him to get control of himself for the sake of the child, Rose being present. He calms down and Veronica fires him without a scene. Once he’s gone, Veronica asks Rose to stay so that she can try her own firing of Hal.

As Phil and Lem work, Linda comes to the lab and she asks to talk in private. First Ted asks how Lem’s success rate has been with office affairs. Lem admits he’s had two and Phil explains they’ve been disastrous, but Lem is fine with multiple affairs. Ted leaves, taking the timer from the garbage with him. Fortunately, Lem and Phil have another one and start arguing again.

In the private office, Linda tries to apologize to Ted but the contamination alarm goes off again. The office is sealed off and they get into the HAZMAT suits. In the lab, Lem and Phil discover they only have one suit between them. Phil is in charge and nobly tells Lem to take the suit. Lem has to admit that Phil’s the best boss he’s ever had.

Linda starts thinking of all the regrets she’d have if she dies in the next half hour from contamination. They end up kissing as best they can through their Plexiglas helmets. However, when Ted decides to risk it and takes off his helmet, Linda complains that he’s pressuring him. He puts it back on.

Jerry’s lab partner Hal comes in and tells them he set off the alarm again, and that he was fired. He has to admit, Rose did the best job of firing him that he’s ever experienced. As Ted goes to get his daughter, he sees that Phil and Lem have once again become a team… and squeezed into the one HAZMAT suit together.

Veronica is busy converting Rose into a mini-Veronica, complete with power hair. Ted quickly gets her out before Veronica can get Rose’s business card. He has to admit, he’s learned two important lessons. Veridian is no place for a child, and he can’t live with his one-affair rule. He goes to see Linda, but she’s busy arguing with Miriam in Accounting because they treated her time in the HAZMAT suit as break time because she wasn’t working. After she hangs up, Linda talks of how sometimes she’d just like to run away and live in her mother’s cabin in Oregon. Ted realizes that he can’t risk falling in love with a woman who might run away, like his wife did. He tells her he can’t break his one-affair rule and Linda just tells him to go. She does take the time to throw a diet food sample at his back.

Deprived of Rose, Veronica goes headhunting at the company daycare for another child assistant.