Racial Sensitivity - Recap

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Ted goes to the elevator and runs into Linda. He tries to talk to her about what happened between them when they kissed, but she steps aside to reveal that her boyfriend Don is standing behind her. Don isn't jealous and starts to talk about Linda, and Ted quickly gets out of the elevator.

In the lab, Phil goes to get coffee and the lights go off. When Lem tries to activate the motion sensor, nothing happens. When Phil comes back, the lights go back on. When he leaves, they go off again.

Veronica notices Don and asks Ted about him. She quickly figures out that Ted still has feelings for Linda. Ted tells her that the motion sensors aren't working and Veronica explains that they've installed state-of-the-art motion sensors that work off of light reflected from skin. However, they can't detect black people. Ted points out that the new equipment is horribly racist, but Veronica assures him the company knows about it and will get it fixed. When Linda notices Ted watching her and Don, and Ted realizes she notices him, he goes over to act friendly so she won't think he's jealous. Linda awkwardly admires Don for Ted's benefit and suggests they play racquetball together. Don and Ted go out for racquetball and smoothies and Ted has to admit that Don is a great guy.

Phil arrives at work in the morning and discovers that Lem has been trapped in the lab all night when the doors wouldn't open. Lem tried to call security but the black man, Lamont, was trapped in his kiosk and couldn't get out either. Phil tells Lem that he has to stand up for himself and talk to Veronica. Lem finally gives in, rounds up other black employees, and they take the elevator up to Veronica's floor. Or at least they try, when they discover the elevator motion sensors don't work either.

Ted talks to Linda about his "date" with Don and she becomes angry with him. Meanwhile, Phil goes to Lem's aid and helps them get through the motion sensors to Veronica's office. She immediately cuts off Ted and tells them that she can understand discrimination because she was too attractive in high school. She tells them that the company will have the problem fixed in a jiffy and then politely tells them to get out.

Lem is happy that his talk with Veronica worked... until he discovers the company has put in manual "blacks only" drinking fountains. An angry Lem takes Ted with him to see Veronica and Lem finally stands up for himself. Veronica tells him that the segregated drinking fountains might have been considered racist and they've come up with a new solution. Lem gets to walk away feeling proud of himself. When Linda arrives to tell them about the elevators, Ted interrupts her and she snaps at him. Veronica has to explain to him that Linda's mad that Ted and Don got along too well.

In the laboratory, the company's new solution is unveiled: they've hired minimum wage white guys to follow all the black employees around and activate the sensors. Lem is stuck with Stu, who has problems with salt and Bunsen burners. Lem tries to protest to his fellow blacks, but they've got competent white workers and are happy with the new arrangement.

Ted decides to make things right with Linda, and tells her that he hates Don after all and wants to kill him. Linda is happy to hear it and they hug somewhat uncomfortably.

Veronica gets the word from HR that it's discriminatory to hire white people just to hire black people. The new policy is that they'll hire black people to follow the white people... and then more white people so those black people to get through the sensors. And then more black people to balance them out... Veronica admits to Ted that it's been a bad day for her. He kisses her and she kisses back. He starts to undress but Veronica decides it'd be a bad idea. She figures Ted would just be thinking of Linda while having sex with her. That settled, she tries to solve the racism issue. The company thinks it's too expensive to go back to the original sensor system. Veronica, Ted, and Lem come up with a plan.

At the management meeting, Ted and Lem point out that eventually they'd have to hire everyone on the planet, and they don't have the parking or health care plan to cover that. Veronica points out that paying for health care for everyone on Earth would be more expensive than putting the old system back in, and the day is saved when Management agrees to their planet.

Lem can now drink from the public fountains, as long as he doesn't mind Management having photos taken with him so they can publicize the fact they're racially caring.

Don stops in to see Linda. As the two of them walk away, she glances at Ted to see if he's watching. He very carefully isn't checking up on her.