Better with Firehouse - Recap

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The scene opens with Mia and Casey making their first answer machine message. But they only use cell phones and they throw out the whole machine. With Maddie and Ben, they record their message and Ben tells that Maddie sounds like a robot. He records it like a robot and does the robot dance as he records the message. Maddie reminds him that they can’t see him do the robot dance. He tells that they can feel it. Vicky and Joel record their message and Joel tells that he doesn’t know what to do. He yells into the answering machine and Vicky tells that if it is important, then they can just call back. At Mia’s and Casey’s, Maddie and Ben walk in and Casey puts down steaks for an “appetizer”. Mia tells that the last job that Casey worked out paid in meat. Maddie tries to refuse and Mia tells that she can put it in her purse and get it out of her place. Ben tells that he should tell that Casey is really “bringing home the beacon”. Maddie tells him not to worry about it.

Joel and Vicky enter and Ben tells congrats on the retirement. Casey tells that he thought Joel was forced to retire. He tells that he was but he doesn’t want to talk about it. Mia asks Vicky how she likes Joel being retired. Flashback to earlier that week and Joel is constantly asking her what she is doing. She tells that it is an adjustment. Maddie tells that they are going to have to get a new place and Casey tells that babies are incredibly small. Vicky tells that there are things that come with the baby and that they are going to have to get a bigger place. Casey is on board with it and tells that they should start looking. Joel tells that it looks like Casey is really “bringing home the beacon”. Ben is sad that it wasn’t him that got to tell the joke and that it was Joel.

The next day, Joel asks Vicky what she is doing and there is someone at the door. It is a guy named Donnie who walks in and tells that he is there to fix the water. Vicky tells that it is right up Joel’s alley and tells them to get to work. At Maddie’s place, Mia tells that Casey is finding bizarre places that he wants their home to be and that one is a Chinese restaurant. She doesn’t like it and Maddie tells that she needs to be supportive in a sarcastic way. They remember when Ben was 25 and he wanted everything from weird things to watching the Matrix all the time. When he became 27, he just gave up on all things that were childish. Casey comes in and says that they can’t get the Chinese restaurant because they want to sell it to another Chinese restaurant. Mia tells that it is too bad and that it would have been so cool. She tells that she is sure that he can find another place. Sure enough, 18 hours later and they are in a dilapidated firehouse. He tells that he is going to buy it. Ben is jealous and slides down the pole.

At Vicky and Joel’s, Donnie comes back and tells that he got a call about a book being stuck in the garbage disposable. He tells that it is going to only take a few minutes. Vicky tells that they need to take their time. Back at Mia’s and Casey’s place, Mia tells that she has run the number s and they are not going to afford the renovations. He is bummed out and goes to Ben at his work to tell that he can have the firehouse. Ben tells that he doesn’t think it would be a good idea and Casey tells that he needs to man up. At the apartment, Ben tells Maddie that they are going to be able to get the house and because Mia did the numbers and they can’t afford it. Maddie is not happy. But, Vicky and Joel go to Mia’s and Casey’s and gives them the money for the renovations. Casey goes back to tell Ben that he can keep the place and that Ben doesn’t need to buy it. He tells that he wants the place and that they are going to have to wrestle for it. Casey wants nothing to do with that. Back at Maddie’s they come up with the plan about the firehouse. If they fight over it, no one gets it. Ben and Casey enter the apartment and they tell that they have figured out how they can live in the firehouse. They both live together.

They go down to the firehouse and Maddie comes out and tells Ben that she doesn’t want to live there. Ben tells that he doesn’t want to either and that he just wanted to be cool with Casey. She tells that she will take all the blame. Casey is happy that he gets the place and Mia tells that she doesn’t want it either. Casey tells that the place is perfect and then tells about the renovations that they are going to do and it is going to be perfect. Mia is happy that he saw all of its good qualities. Maddie starts to like it and Ben tells her to leave it alone. Meanwhile, Joel, Donnie, and some other retired men are over watching the Matrix and they don’t get the movie. Vicky enters and tells that they all need to go and tells Joel has to find something else to occupy his time. He tells that he will. Vicky looks at the movie case for the Matrix and asks what it is about. Joel replies, “I have no idea”.