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Better with Ben - Recap

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The scene opens with Casey and Mia in bed and the alarm goes off. Mia suggests that they fool around and make it turn off. Ben and Maddie wake up to the sound of the alarm and then talk about their day and things that they have to do. Joel and Vicky are in bed and the alarm goes off. Vicky gets up and looks at Joel who is still sleeping. Maddie and Ben and Mia and Casey are at Maddie’s and Mia tells that Joel has some news to share. Casey tells that they are going to have to break up with Mia’s boyfriend “Sensitive Steve” and get ice-cream. Ben and Maddie laugh about it and Joel enters with Vicky. He tells that he has the perfect idea for the Putney Family Christmas Photo. He tells that he needs to measure their heads for hats. Casey asks why it is so important and Joel tells that there are three types of cards: Mantel Cards, Refrigerator, and Bowl.

Ben tells that Casey and him do not have to be measured because it is the Putney Family card and it is good because all of his ideas are lame. They show how bad the ideas are and the have a different them for movie themes in them. However, Casey is called to get measured and Ben is not. Casey and Mia meet “Sensitive Steve” at the break-up spot and Mia tells that half her work is cut out because everyone knows the spot. However, Steve doesn’t and both Casey and Mia find it hard to break up with him. Meanwhile at Maddie and Ben’s home, Ben is upset that he doesn’t get to be in the card and is trying to make Maddie feel the same way. Maddie tells that she will talk to Joel and get Ben in the card. Mia and Casey get back to the apartment and they are upset with themselves that she couldn’t break up with Steve and Casey tells that he was the one that kissed him goodbye. They worry that they can’t say no to people and it is going to be the same with their child.

Joel and Maddie meet to discuss the card and Maddie tells that Ben should be in the card. Joel tells that it is the Putney family card and Ben is not family and Casey is because he is engaged with Mia. Maddie tells that she is going to be in her own Christmas card with Ben and leaves. Ben gets back from his workout and Maddie tells that she has an idea for the Christmas theme for their card “One Flew Over the Christmas Nest”. Ben figures that Joel’s craziness has rubbed off on Maddie. Vicky comes over and tells that she wants to be in Maddie and Ben’s Christmas card so that she can show off her sexy legs. Maddie tells Vicky her idea and Vicky tells that it is probably better than Joel’s “CSI: Christmas Scene Investigators” idea. Ben asks what a Christmas Nest is and Maddie tells that it is a stupid question.

Ben gets back from the costume shop with an Elf outfit and Maddie tells that Mia and Casey are coming over. She tells that is two more birds for the Christmas nest. Ben is still confused. Mia and Casey arrive and tell Ben and Maddie that they want them to be their “no” people for their child. Maddie says no and Mia tells that she is perfect for the job. Ben says no and Casey tells that they already have the job and don’t need to keep applying. Maddie tells that she thought they were coming over to tell them that they were going to be in their Christmas card. Mia tells that it will break their dad’s heart if she is not in it. Maddie starts to fake cry and Mia and Casey agree to be in their card.

Vicky is ready is her Elf costume and she is showing off her sexy legs. The background is set up and Joel walks in. He tells that he came over to allow Ben into the Putney Christmas card and finds them all. Maddie tells Joel that it all started when Joel didn’t feel that Ben is part of the family. Joel concurs that Ben is not and Ben brings up the fact that he has sacrificed a lot for Joel and the family to be able to be included. Joel tells that he doesn’t care anymore and tells that Ben and Maddie could be in their own card and Vicky tells that she is in Maddie and Ben’s card. Joel tells that he still has Mia and Casey, but Mia tells them no and feels good about it. Casey joins in and they are happy that the can say no. Joel apologizes to Ben and tells that he was right. Mia tells that she has a better idea for a Christmas card. They pose normal with the ultrasound picture and Vicky showing off her legs.

Two months later and the family is looking at cards they got from their friends and start to separate them from Mantel, Refrigerator, and Bowl and most go in the bowl. They get to a card where dogs are dressed up in Christmas outfits and they criticize it. Ben tells that is the card from his family. They automatically put it as a mantel card.