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Better with Fighting - Recap

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The scene opens with Mia on the phone with her sister Maddie and she tells that she is going to yell at Casey for being late if he doesn’t have a good reason for being late. Casey walks in and tells that he had to stop and play with the puppies. They have their first fight. Maddie and Ben are home and Ben reveals that he bought a club soda maker. They start fighting and it is their 47th fight. Meanwhile, Vicky and Joel are in bed and Joel wants to talk to Vicky, but she is not in the mood. This makes for their 829th fight. Casey gives Mia a hug and tells that he will squeeze the mad out of her. She laughs and Casey tells that it worked. However, Ben and Maddie are still fighting over a dinner party that is supposed to happen and Ben tries to tell Maddie that board games are boring. Vicky and Joel are still fighting and she tells that she takes the no talking after 9 PM rule seriously and that he needs to stop talking.

The next day, Mia, Maddie, and Vicky are talking about wedding locations and Mia and Vicky tease Maddie that Ben and her are not married yet. She tells that it is a life choice. She tells that they don’t need to do it all the time. Mia asks about the budget her parents have and Vicky tells that there is no limit because she wants to show off to a woman. Ben walks in tells that his hotel is available for their wedding reception and they bring up the fact that there was a murder/suicide with the bride and groom. He tells that it is nothing and that it is fine. Vicky thinks it is cute that Mia and Casey are having their first fight and she remembers when Joel and her got into their first fight. Maddie and Mia make jokes of it being in the 1930’s and it is funny to Vicky until Ben joins in on it. He realizes that was a line he should not cross.

Vicky is looking for her book and Joel is sarcastic about where it could be. They are still fighting and he tells that he doesn’t know where his book is, but it is clear that he knows. Casey goes to Ben’s and tells that he is there for the meeting and he is late. Ben tells that the meeting already happened and that Mia is mad at Casey. He tells Casey that he needs to be careful because the Mia and Maddie like to use their words to trap you. The scene flashbacks to Ben getting talked to as a witness on the stand. Ben tells Casey to let it go. Casey asks if it bugs Ben and it does. He tells about Mia’s behavior which consists of her flying off the handle smashing things. Casey tells that he has a plan to deal with it.Ben feels that he can help out Casey and he tells that he would love to do that. Casey agrees and starts it off by telling Ben to buy Club Soda from the store.

Vicky comes out and Joel tells that her earrings don’t match and she tells that she misplaced the other earring to every pair of earnings she owns. Joel tells that is weird. She asks why Joel isn’t golfing and he tells that he can’t find his golf clubs. She tells that it is weird too. Joel asks if she is going to go play tennis and she tells that she is at 5 PM and asks why Joel asks. He replies with “No reason”. She realizes that he has hid her prescription goggles. Casey and Mia start to fight and everything that Ben said starts to come out. But, Casey gets naked and tells that it is impossible to yell at someone naked. She tries to and it is impossible. They stop their fighting. Maddie talks to Mia about it and she can’t believe that he got naked. Ben comes in and tells that the hotel will throw a free Salmon appetizer. She tells that nothing is going to change the fact that a couple died there. Maddie tells Ben that she is upset that Casey got naked and they never resolved their issues. She tells that is all about the 3 C’s. Constructive Communication and Compromise. She tells that they are going to help Mia and Ben tries to tell her not to, but she is not listening.

At the restaurant, Maddie tells that Mia has got the pregnancy glow. Casey is still waiting for the super strength and Maddie tells that is only if the child is trapped under the car. Ben comes in and bad role-playing acting takes place and Maddie tells that they were showing that communicating, you can resolve a lot of issues. Vicky tells that she doesn’t communicate with Joel, they just hide their things. She realizes that Joel has been gone a long time and she tells that she can’t lose another pants suit. Maddie tells that it is serious and Casey agrees. He compromises with Mia and Ben gets mad and tells that Maddie and him never compromise. The fight commences and this makes fight #48, the first where Ben yells. Mia and Casey are outside dissecting what Ben is yelling about. Suddenly, Maddie takes Casey’s method and gets naked.

Maddie and Ben get home and Maddie is ashamed of herself. She asks how they got to the point and Ben tells that he has never wanted to yell at her. They agree to tell each other everything that is going on and what they agree with and what they don’t agree with.
Joel and Vicky are standing naked and they don’t get the whole naked thing. Vicky tells that she is actually angrier. The episode ends with Ben showing Mia and Casey around the hotel and Mia tells that they are going to add the place to their possibilities. But, as soon as a man in a top hat comes out and Casey tries to start a fight, she tells that they are not having the party there.