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Better with Little Buddy - Recap

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The scene opens with the big announcement to find out whether Mia and Casey’s baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Ben tells that they are going to be a boy because girls steal the mother’s beauty and Mia is looking really good lately. Maddie asks how well and he digs himself into a bigger hole and decides to insult Joel’s sweater so that all the family is insulted and walks away. Maddie tells that it is going to have a girl and Joel asks when Maddie is going to have a baby. Mia and Casey arrive and tell that it is going to be a boy. Ben jumps up and announces that he won and Maddie asks how she feels. Mia tells her that she feels great and that her boobs have gotten bigger. Joel chimes in and tells that Ben has told them already. Mia tells Maddie that Casey is really excited being a father and has been talking to her stomach all the time. Mia says “hell” and Casey tells her to watch her language.

Mia and Casey are sitting around and he is continuing to talk to the belly. Mia tries to take Casey’s mind off of the baby by trying to kiss and “get busy” but Casey tells that the baby will hear them when Mia starts to moaning. He tells that it is the worst alarm clock if his little guy is sleeping. Meanwhile, Ben tells that he couldn’t get financial reports because of her mother keeps sending him junk mail. She tells him to tell her and he tells Maddie to tell her dad not to do their taxes. He asks if she wants her dad looking at all her receipts. The scene flashbacks to Joel asking what The Pleasure Chest and a 3 speed rabbit is. Maddie tells that she will and tells Ben to make it seem like it is her mom’s idea to get him off the list. Ben tells that he manages over 32 people and tells that he has it covered. Maddie tells that he has to make it seem like it is her idea or it won’t happen. Ben tells that would never work on him and Maddie tells that he had Taj Food when it wasn’t his choice really.

Casey and Mia come out of the bedroom and Mia tells that the sex was weird because every time Mia said Oh God Yes, Casey said, “Sorry little buddy”. Mia tells that they are supposed to be in the honeymoon stage. At the restaurant, Ben tells that he likes Taj Food and Maddie tells that Ben has something to tell Vicky. He tells that he wants to be removed from “Vicks Picks of Urgent Links”. She gives an unconvincing ok to him and Ben tells Maddie to tell Joel. She tells that Joel wanted to stop doing their taxes. Joel corrects this and tells that he wants to do the taxes and wants to invest their money too. Later, Mia tells Maddie of the bad sex with Casey and how he talks to the belly all the time. Maddie suggests they go to the romantic and sexy place. Vicky rushes in and tells that she has found a way to get him back on Vick’s Picks. She has printed them out.

Mia and Casey go to the “Salsa” club and there are a bunch of old people and 80’s music. Mia asks one couple dancing and they tell that Fridays are 80’s Night. Mia tells that it is possible to have fun still. Mia tells Casey to forget about the baby for one night and concentrate on her. He tells that he will, but when an old man bumps into Mia, he tells him to watch out for his little buddy. Maddie gets home and Ben asks how the investment meeting and she tells that it was a place he wanted her to buy and allow his friend live in. Maddie tells that Ben is still getting Vicky’s emails by paper and he tells that he told her that it was bad for the environment. Suddenly Vicky comes in and tells that she will just tell him her emails. She then proceeds to tell all the emails and Ben is devastated when she dances in front of him. She leaves and tells Maddie that her father put her on an allowance of $60 while Ben is trying to get the images out of his head.

Back at the club, Mia tells that she is starting to feel like the 3rd wheel. He tells that their little buddy is important. Mia tells that if Casey calls the baby “little buddy” again, she is going home. He does it and Mia goes to Maddie and Ben’s and tells that Casey and her had a fight. Maddie tells that she can stay there and Mia tells that it was 80’s Night and nothing sexy. Maddie begs to differ and tells that Top Gun’s beach volleyball scene is great and Ben mentions Porky’s shower scene to which Maddie tells him not to be a pervert. Maddie and Ben visit Joel and Vicky and they tell that they need to talk. Ben asks if he can get back on her list instead of her telling her about them. Maddie sits down with Joel and tells that it was his idea to do his taxes.

Mia is sitting down and she talks to the baby inside of her and she tells that the baby doesn’t feel real yet. She tells that she is not ready possibly. Suddenly she feels the baby kick and she gets excited. Casey comes in and tells that the baby is a jerk. He tells that he talked with the older people about kids and they said that kids are going to hurt him and terrorize things. He tells that he was wrapped up in the good things that he has forgotten about the bad. She tells that the baby kicked and he tries to feel it but can’t. He tells that he remembers cutting his dad’s hair while he slept and then driving his pick-up truck into the pond. Mia tells that she used to slip her dad vodka in his orange juice just so he would says Nasdaq Exchange funny. Casey tells that everything will be fine and that they are going to sleep in shifts. Maddie and Ben are getting ready for bed and he tells that he pays an accountant to do their taxes at the last minute every year to avoid any problems. She tells that Ben needs a reward and tells that he can have her side of the bed that he has always wanted. After he moves over, he wonders if he really wanted his new arrangement.