Better with Halloween - Recap

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The scene opens with Casey and Mia in their apartment and Mia tells that there is a spider. It is their first Spider and Casey tries to find something to kill it with. After being turned down with everything he grabs, Casey scoops it up and throws it out. At Maddie and Ben’s, this is their 37th Spider and they get ready to kill it, but lose it in the process. With Vicky and Joel, this is their 79th spider and Vicky smacks Joel’s butt and rubs guts on him. He tells her to tell her “spider” to wait until Friday. Casey and Mia are moving into the firehouse now and they have renovated it nicely. Halloween is coming up and Maddie throws down a box and walks off. Mia tells Casey that Halloween is also Maddie’s birthday. He tells that they are going to have to find a place where there is no Halloween because last time there was a Darth Vader waiter. Mia suggests that they do it at the firehouse and Maddie agrees. Mia tells that it gives her a chance to clean up the place and have a fun time. Maddie and Vicky sit down with Mia and tell that once you are living with someone, everything that is in the “closet” comes out. Maddie tells that Ben gives himself pep talks and Joel eats eggs whole and the romance will die when she knows the secrets.

Ben, Vicky and Joel meet for a planning session and they are going to have everything and Joel tells that he will take care of the trick or treat kids. Maddie tells that she can’t wait for her present from him and he can’t remember it but tells that he knows what it is. He goes to the mirror and gives himself a pep talk to get him motivated to find out what she wants. Mia and Casey talk how excited it is to be moving in together and Casey asks where his anti-fungal crème is and Mia tells that is something to keep behind the curtain. She explains it to him and he tells that now he doesn’t have to show what is in his box. Later, Mia rushes to Maddie’s house and tells her to open her present. It is Casey’s box and she tells that she has to open it. When Maddie opens it, it is a video cassette. Meanwhile, Ben is helping Casey bring in chairs and tells that he has to remember what Maddie wanted for her birthday and tells that he has been doing some work on it like asking if it is heavy and if it can get wet. So far, Ben says, he knows that it isn’t that heavy, comes in a box and can’t get wet, and Casey tells that she wants a gun.

Mia and Maddie go to Joel and Vicky’s and ask to use their VCR. Mia tells that they are looking into Casey’s curtain and Joel tells that he will never do that again after seeing Vicky putting on panty hose. They push play and it is a German television show. When the title song is Casey’s song “Deaf Love Demon”, Mia recognizes it. Meanwhile, Ben goes to see Glen, Maddie’s assistant and asks what Maddie wants. Glen tells that he is going to give Maddie the gift that she wanted and that she will fall in love with him. Back at Joel and Vicky’s, Joel has gotten cheap candy from Chinatown and Ben enters and asks what Maddie wants for her birthday. Joel tells that he got Maddie a briefcase and he tells that Maddie told him that it would go well with her present from Ben. Meanwhile, Maddie and Mia are looking through Casey’s things to find more clues of the German television show and Casey comes in. Maddie tells that she will make him admit his secrets. However, Casey catches on that Mia saw the tape and Maddie tells that she is on her own and leaves. Casey tells that he sold out to the German sitcom and that he gets a lot of money per month and that is how he gets money. She is relieved, but Casey is upset at her.

At the party, Ben still has not gotten the gift and Casey talks to Glen and he asks how he knows Maddie and Glen tells that he is going to marry her. He walks away. Joel sits down and Ben still has no clue what to get Maddie. Joel tells that he is going to give him the husband secret and tells him to get something bigger. He tells that Vicky got a bracelet because he was supposed to be watching Maddie when Mia was born. Ben goes to the jewelry store and tells what happened. Mia runs in and tells that Joel Putney sent her and that she needs to go big. Back at the party, Glen tries to give Maddie the gift that he gave and Ben walks in the door. He pulls out a box and everyone gets excited. He tells that it is not an engagement ring. It is a diamond necklace and he looks back at Glen and smirks. Later, Mia gives Casey a diamond earring that is 12 carrots. She tells that the curtains were a bad idea and that nothing would make her love him less. The family gets together after Halloween and they are eating the knock off candy. Ben eats the “Tack-Tacks” and tells that they are minty, warm, and then turns out to burn his mouth. Casey asks how much to finish the bowl and Joel tells that he will pay $20, Vicky says $50, Maddie says $20 and Ben says $30. He will get $100 to eat all the candy and the show ends.