Better with Flirting - Recap

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The scene opens with Casey and Mia flirting and when the question of sex comes up, they throw everything on the floor from the kitchen island. When sex comes on the kitchen island comes up for Maddie and Ben, they pick things and sterilize the counter. After 20 minutes, Maddie is still turned on. Joel and Vicky get ready and Joel unbuttons his pants. They are eating chocolate cake and they enjoy that. Mia and Maddie meet and Mia is getting frustrated with Joel and Vicky planning the wedding and the scene flashbacks to them showing napkin options and minister options at the firehouse. Ben suggests that she have it at the hotel and Mia tells that it is disgusting. Maddie tells that she knows Loraine Ashley, the wedding planner, and Mia tells to get her. Ben defends the hotel and tells that when 20/20 wanted to do a piece on his hotel, he did not know that they would be searching through the hotel for gross things.

In line at the yogurt shop, Ben tries to strike up a conversation with someone in line, but she wants nothing to do with him. Maddie enters the yogurt shop and cuts everyone and flirts with one of the workers there to get her yogurt before everyone. Ben sees all of this and is appalled. Ben waits for Maddie to get home and when she does, he tells that he saw her flirting. She admits that she flirts to get her yogurt first. She tells that everyone does it and that she gets secret toppings for it too. Ben tells that he is going to flirt now and walks out the door. Meanwhile, Vicky and Joel visit Mia and Casey and they tell that they have more ideas for the wedding. They tell them that they hired a wedding planner and Loraine Ashley comes in and meets them. Her southern accent feels like a hug, as Mia has heard. Joel takes a liking to her and Vicky tells that they can plan the wedding all together. But Loraine tells that they are fired.

Mia and Casey visit Maddie and tell that Loraine Ashley fired their mom and dad from planning. Ben comes in and tells that he lost his ability to flirt. He tells the story and the scene flashbacks to Ben talking ghetto style and tries to flirt. He then continues to talk and tells his name and says that it rhymes with moles. The girl has a mole and asks if he is making fun of it and Ben tells that her mole is sexy and asks her if she wants to see his. She calls for the manager because they have a pervert. Ben tells that he is not a pervert; he just wants secret things from her. Mia tells that Casey is really good at flirting and people are always giving him things. Casey offers to teach him and Ben tells that he used to be really good. Casey and Mia meet with Loraine Ashley and they talk about what they want in the wedding and Casey wants an elephant, but Loraine tells that the elephant will inhale the ring.

Casey and Ben go to the yogurt shop again and Casey tells that he needs to get going. He teaches Ben a little bit and tells that he can get him a yogurt. Ben asks what kind and he tells that Ben only needs to tell them to make a Casey, and they will know what he means. Ben goes up with confidence. Casey and Mia meet up with Loraine Ashley and she tells that she is getting married herself. She tells that the venue, caterer, and other things have been taken. Mia realizes it was Loraine that stole her wedding. She runs over to Vicky and Joel’s house and tells that Loraine Ashley stole her wedding. Vicky tells that she told her so and relishes in it. Ben comes in and tells that he got the secret toppings, but feels there is a bigger problem. The scene flashbacks to him giving his number to the girl at the counter. She tells that has tickets to “Wiz” and asks him to go and tells they can skip dinner.

Mia enters the florist and Loraine is there and she stole her florists to. She goes back to the house, and Mia tells that Loraine stole her wedding and tells that she slapped her…almost. The scene flashbacks to Mia trying to slap Loraine and Loraine puts Mia in a headlock. Ben goes to the yogurt shop and tells the girl that he flirted with earlier that it can’t happen between them, but he is weak. Maddie comes over and tells that Ben was only flirting for favors. The male worker that Maddie flirted with earlier comes up and Maddie tells that she has the agreement with him. However, the man tells that he is in love with Maddie. She tells the truth and he bans her from the yogurt shop for life. He takes her picture to put on the wall.

Later that evening, Casey leads Mia to a ball pit and Maddie and Ben and Joel and Vicky are there as well. He tells that Mia has been stressed over the wedding and tells that they can get married right there. Mia tells that she wants the big wedding and suggests that all of them plan the wedding together. Vicky is relieved. The next day, they get together and start planning the wedding. Four veto a piece for everyone and they need to get the invites together and they narrow down the list and tell about what they don’t like about the guests and when Ben tells that a particular guest has weird hair, the rest are appalled and call him shallow.